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Sad Day

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Hello everyone


I just wanted to post about 'Katie' our wonderful Boxer. She is just over 13 years old and we had her as our 'baby' when we married. In fact we chose her before our wedding and collected her after our honeymoon.


Very sadly we are having to say goodbye to her today, it's very emotional and difficult. I have planned to not work. She is so loved but we have to think of her. She was very active just 5 weeks ago and then fell, which she has not recovered from.


If any of you have to face this decision, one you never want to make, you will realise it is the deepest form of love. But it does hurt and you always want nature to take its course.


Having to make the same decision with our cat 'Otto' this year it feels quite unfair but that experience made me realise how they matter so much more than our feelings.


I want to add how wonderful the world is when you share it with animals.





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Crooked Chicken here (not logged on). Oh Buffie, such a difficult decision to make, but a kind one. I had to make the decision last year for one of my rabbits. And I'm sure your bond with your dog is much, much stronger. I send you all my love today. It's very sad and your loss will be great, but remember her spirit will always be around you. I only wish we could make this decision for our fellow humans who we also love dearly and who are suffering greatly.


Big hug today from me to you.




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:( Be strong Buffster ...... our dog died suddenly in her sleep last year, aged 10, so not that old really. I know that was bad enough .. and when you have to decide too .. that is even harder in my book, so big mugs of tea and sweet yummy comfort foods to you.


Katie will have great fun chasing sticks and running through the green fields in the big blue yonder. She will always be with you ....

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Thanks everyone, this has helped me so much.


Mikey has called the vet and as Paul has been treating her, he's off today, and she is comfortable he will visit tomorrow lunchtime. My parents are coming over in the afternoon with their Boxer 'Petra'and we will celebrate her life with a walk.


I've cried so much already but I know these tears are healing and I'm not ashamed of emotion.



Once again thank you all



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Just to send you my deepest sympathy. I completely empathise with you as two weeks ago we had to take the decision to put our 14 year old cairn terrier to sleep. We had also had her since our return from honeymoon 14 year ago, so it was a sad sad decision to make.


Many Best wishes, J

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:cry: Just caught up Buffie, very sorry to hear about your dearest Katie. I shall be thinking of you today, and I hope it helps to know that we all care about you. I know you'll have cried buckets, so the walk with your parents & Petra sounds a really good idea. A really sad day, but so many happy memories to treasure. Lots of love, and best wishes for the strength you'll need,

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Thank you everyone. Such kindness at a dreadful time.


Well thursday and friday were awful. We prepared oursleves for friday, as much as you can. We slept downstairs with Katie and the morning dragged until Paul came at 1, I couldn't keep my emotions in check at all for both days. It was so peaceful and Katie just went to sleep with us with her. I was stroking her head and kissing her. A strange calm came and we knew she was pain free and happy. Always in our hearts.


Michael called her dads retired breeder on saturday and amazingly Katies cousins daughter, Pandora or Dora, was due pups any day. We didn't need to think twice as this would be a tribute to beautiful katie.


The pups were born today all 9 of them. 6 girls for us to choose from.


We will visit and choose in a couple of weeks and collect 'Daisie' from wales at the end of september.


Katie was/is so precious that the chance of her relative is too much like fate. I think Katie has found us once more.


Thank you all again, I'll get back to posting and replying soon.


Charlie has decided to go broody again too!!!



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Good to hear from you and have an update Buffie. The new puppy almost sounds like fate- you're definitely meant to have her.

I know it's a really tough time for you right now, but whilst the puppy can never replace gorgeous katie, she will start to fill the horrible empty spaces left by katie.

Thinking of you. Love & hugs

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so sorry Buffie just read your post as i was an owner of a boxer i so understand, what a terrible decision. we lost our beautiful Bess last March under similar circumstances I have to keep reminding my self of the fantastic times we had.It will take time and you have some fab memories i am sure, that you will be able to think about . big hugs take care thinking of you all x Nikki

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