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By the time I'm getting home from walking back from school it's practically dark. I can't normally see the eggs after 4.30 as the wall keeps out the light from the streetlight and the eglu itself is very dark.


I was talking to my friends about how difficult it is to see the eggs. Sean then said they should have a light in the eglu.


Then expanding on his idea I thought that perhaps they could have a light which is triggered on when the eggport door is removed, therefore we are not wasting energy all the time. Just like when you open a car door the light is straight on.


The energy could come from either solar (like the simple method small solar garden lights use) or a single battery.


What do you think?

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A whopping great big Maglite.... 8)


This might just be me but what is it about big torches??? I just dont get it! Is it like some greasy old codger driving a flash car trying to make up for other areas in their life?


Saw some in B&Q the other day (torches not old codgers) with about a foots worth of handle - whats the point unless you intend to bash someone over the head with it when you are walking dark alleys at night? :roll:

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Put it on your Christmas present list! A whopping great big Maglite.... 8)


It always used to intrigue me that in the X-files - Mulder and Sculley would drive for miles - get out of the car - give chase over a long distance - then end up in a big dark barn - and then produce MASSIVE maglite torches (or - flashlights - as the Muricans insist on calling them) from nowhere... and the torches had beams that would light up a small town...


no pocket-bulges whilst running, no big heavy torch banging their legs - where on earth did they keep them??


is that a maglite Mulder - or are you just pleased to see me?? :roll:



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Martin says

I don't think you understand what I mean. It is only small a few centimetres and it only turns on when the eggport door is open, it closes when it is shut. It wouldn't be on all the time.


I do understand what you mean.


I can't see the point of it, though.


What would the practical applications be, and how can they beat a torch in terms of cost effectiveness?


A torch is dual purpose as you can battle your way accross the garden in the dark, too.

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does anyone remember the morecambe and wise breakfast routine - done to the stripper music?


maybe that's what martin has in mind - the bit when he opens the fridge..


for those who haven't seen it - one of the greatest pieces of TV comedy:






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