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Bargain Hunting!

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Has anyone found any decent bargains in the shops yet?


I must admit to spending more getting to the sales than I actually spent on bargains! It cost me £1.20 each way on the bus and I spent £2 on a beautiful and very long scarf in Primark. That was the extent of my bargain hunting expedition.


Last of the big spenders, that's me :roll::roll:

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Now i HATE :evil: shopping but knew i had to face the sales this time round as i was unwilling to pay full price for all the things i needed for the house so we bought the following at half price;


2 duvet sets for the new superking bed

1 duvet set for the day bed

sheets & pillowcases for both beds

1 superking duvet

4 pillows

1 Dyson Vroom vac - absolute bargain!!!

1 iron - OH chose it as i very rarely iron :lol:

and some clothes from Next.



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I picked up some bargins in Matalan :D


A pair of jeans

2 long sleeved tops

A cosy zip up cardy

A belt


Total price £24 :D


I didn't realise until I got to the till that the belt, one of the tops and the jeans had been reduced. I very nearly went round the store again :roll: Also in Tesco I bought jeans and when I went to pay for them they were half price so I bought a bag a well :D

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Those are the best kind of bargains when you pick up something you want, then they tell you it's in the sale!


We went to B&Q yesterday for some boring MDF, and came home with a 6ft xmas tree for £2.50! They had a 75% off all xmas stock sale.


I wanted to put it up as we couldn't find ours anywhere this year and I refused to go out and buy one full price, but OH said I was bonkers, so I decided not to. Got to wait a whole year now :roll:

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I love to shop, but I loathe the sales - too many people after too few things for my liking :?


So, I tend to leave it until the girls are back at school, pop into town then & have a look, & if anything great is left then I figure it is fate 8)


Saying that,I did have a bit of a spend on the next Directory sale site a few days ago - 4 packs of bath bambs for 99p!!!!!

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Sounds like some of you have had lovely (and useful) things then :D


If anyone is in the vicinity of the NEC on Friday through to Sunday, they have a massive furniture and homeware sale on. I think it is called 'The Great Big Home and Furniture Show' or something like that. Anyway, it is free entry :shock: and free parking :shock: if you like that sort of thing. I won't be going as I don't need anything for the home, but it might be interesting to look for free if you have time!

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Thanks for that i might just have to pop down as we are still needing a dining room table & chairs, a bookcase & 2 side tables!!! :shock:


Here's the website Emma.




I hope you find what you are looking for!


I went out for a bit of food (and chicken corn) shopping this morning, and came back with some outdoor Christmas icicle lights for the front of the house, from Wilkinsons. They only cost £4, and look lovely, I can't wait for next Christmas now to put them up :D

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Looks fab, but we'd better not go; we're too skint and Phil's house isn't in any fit state for furniture yet :roll:


I got a bargain in Leamington last week - Phil went into River Isalnd and came out to say that he'd seen just the pair of boots I'd been looking for. They fitted perfectly, were down from £77 to £55, then to £40. When I went to the till they had beed reduced again to £25. I wore them out on new year's eve. Fabaroony :D

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I have had a look through the sales but haven't found anything that I really like.


I was in River Island earlier and found a gorgeous leather jacket that I wanted for Christmas but Joe could not find one anywhere in a size S and they said they couldn't order it and won't be getting any more


Guess what I found!!!


ONE SIZE S! - so called Joe and he let me buy it and will credit my account :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::D:D:D:D:D:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Just going to start a new post about my other wonderful find today......




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I got loads of Lush stuff for Christmas but i went in there in the sales the other day (its a kind of compulsion, cos we don't have a lush shop in my village, i don't get to go very often so when i see one i have to go in even if i don't need anything!)


Anyhow, they were doing a great offer, spend £15 and get a FREE Christmas gift box. So in the end i spent £19 and got a £15 gift box with 5 christmassy lush items free! What a bargain!


I've been smelling so sweet i'm amazed you can't smell me from here! (though actually we're at my friends farm in Devon at the moment and i forgot the lush stuff and thus smell of cow poo but you get what i mean!)

I have enough stuff to open my own shop! Its great!


I love the sales...

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I had a bit of a bargain yesterday too.


We bought 2 gorgeous brown leather sofas a couple of years ago, & went into John Lewis to find an ex-display matching chair for half price :P


As the girls seem to be taking up more & more room every day,I stuck it on the credit card & its being delivered next Monday.


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