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Chicken Roundabout

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No...its not the latest plaything for hens....


I was intrigued to see on the news that there is a roundabout....somewhere in Suffolk.... where people have traditionally dumped unwanted chickens for years. They just roam free and fend for themselves. :shock:


Of course now, in the light of recent events, people have been dumping them in droves. :twisted::roll:


1. What sort of chicken keeper could do such a thing.....




2. How bizarre that this activity seems to be accepted locally, presumably with no RSPCA/police follow up...to the extent that the roundabout is now known locally as "Chicken Roundabout". :shock:


Is it me??

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I haven't seen the news item on this yet so bear with me!


I've driven around this roundabout (if it is the same one - I can't expect there would be too many?) and it is lovely to see the chickens there although a bit of a distraction if your eyes are on the chickens and not the road! Someone told me a man goes and feeds them everyday.


Stupid people dumping more chickens there though. I was under the impression that the ones that were there were an original flock, I didn't think that (until the last couple of days perhaps) that people were adding to it...


I wonder what will happen to them?


*trots off to find the news story*

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I can't find the story on the internet :? I did find one though that said there have been chickens living there for 50 years. It looks like there have been a few attempts to remove them but the local residents have always protested.


It also said that there are some very interesting cross breeds!

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Last time we went it was pouring with rain and all we saw were a few wet cocks :lol::lol::lol:


I'm beginning to wish I hadn't started this thread. Claret has painted a picture that I'm finding difficult to erase. :shock::shock::lol:


My keyboard and screen have been spattered with tea for 2 days on the run now.

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