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Chicken Roundabout

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I randomly came across this topic and I live in Bungay, the town beside Chicken Roundabout, so I thought I'd fill in the details in case anyone was interested.


The bypass and roundabout were only built in the 1960's. There was already a small farm on the land beside the destined position of the roundabout. Over the years, although the farm seems to have diminished to a smallholding, the chickens remained.


In answer to some of the points raised;


Yes, there is an elderly man who regularly goes to feed the chickens and is often the first to protest when anyone suggests removing them - a chicken ambassador, if you like.


The chickens do as their ancestors did - they roost in branches of the trees bordering the roundabout at roughly head/chest height. I imagine it is this way that they avoid the majority of predators.


New chickens do appear from time to time, and it does seem as though the recent bird-flu scares have bumped up the numbers considerably. A lot of the chickens are single-combed and medium sized and tend to be cream/green coloured, but the other day there was one which looked a lot like a Shamo (?) and a few which could be bantams.


The Roundabout is actually on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk - the Waveney river runs just to one side of it (a geographical feature that divides the two counties), and the roundabout was approx. 2 miles from the Surveillance Zone when it was in place.


In the past, when the question of culling the chickens for health reasons, or for traffic safety, has been raised, it always seems to have ended with the consensus that the chickens are the original inhabitants of the site so deserve to stay. Also, I have never seen a dead chicken on the road, roundabout or verges, and do not know of any shunts or crashes on the roundabout, so I don't think they are much of a traffic hazard.


For anyone that was interested, I hope that helped!


P.S Even drunken oiks in Bungay/Ditchingham (the village near the roundabout) are too fond of the chickens to harm them.

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