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Martin B


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they've shut the school - and no snow has even fallen yet?? in Birmingham it's hardly likely to be the North Pole - 5cm at most!!


what is the world coming to??





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:shameonu: Tell your folks Martin ... NOW :!: . Right now thats you told ... Ben and Joe had a letter too, but it said to listen to the local radio station, to hear IF school will be shut tomorrow. Then there were bits re. wellies and indoor shoes etc. BUT ..........
















:shh: Don't tell anyone ... but if there is anything decent, I will take them to the farm sledging in the morning, and then take them in with me, as I am a dinner lady :wink::lol: .

Have fun if there is any white stuff tomorrow Martin ... but wrap up warm, remember you are suffering from "Man Flu" :wink: .

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My girls are hanging out for a snow day tomorrow, but we won't know for sure until the morning - we just check on the local radio website as they have a list.The school closes if the buses can't make it in - the school is on a very steep hill on a single lane country road.


Closing a school because it might snow is a bit odd, isn't it???


Martin,I agree with the others on here.Be a sensible lad & tell your Mum, or you might regret it when she finds out & decides you cannot be trusted again...........


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None here either Peeps :(


I think it's plain irresponsible closing the school in case there's snow :roll: , what does that teach the children about work ethic?


Rosie had a note today warning that the school may close tomorrow if there's bad snow. I find it amazing that it closes at the whiff of snow, especially as most of the teachers live near and the catchment area is mostly within walking distance.


Most of our staff at work live way out of the area, and I'm only 5 mins walk away. So I've no excuse for not going in tomorrow if there's loads of snow. If Rosie's school is closed then she'll just have to come into work with me :roll:

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Sean is Martin's brother - and I'm sure they will have told their parents by now - haven't you Martin? :roll::evil:


Yes we have, we couldn't hold on so we told them AT 6. I never intended to not tell them latter than 7pm! I think my post was a bit unclear in what I meant! Oh well, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!


I'm not irresponsible!

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Enjoy your day off tomorrow and try to get some of that homework done :wink: You can always come and do my ironing if you're bored.


er........ and look after Rosie as well? :wink: It's a pity you don't live nearer to me Clare - I'd help out.


Lauren and Jake live 2 minutes walk from school but if the teachers don't make it then I will be having them all day instead of just after school :roll: I'll be using up the spinning and weaving bits I've got saved up for them ready for half-term :evil:

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