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Fox attack - will wilma pull through?

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we generally let the girls out in the garden when we are at home during the day - we do have a foxwatch but i think the batteries must have run out, and at about 3pm i heard an almight thud and the girls going crazy.

i ran downstairs and saw what every chicken owner's nightmare - a horrible fox in the middle of my garden staring right back at me with one of the girls in his mouth.

i ran out screaming at him and he ran off with one of the girls towards the back of the garden where the fence is slightly shorter (and where he presumably got in) - i wasn't sure which one at the time, and was in tears because i saw one big mess of feathers and assumed that he'd taken them both.

i then heard a little noise behind me and thankfully saw thelma standing on top of the eglu. i then stared forlornly at the heap of feathers when miraculously i saw wilma limping back to me from the back of the garden.

she collapsed when she got closer, and i could see that he'd taken a lot of skin off her back - i could see the fat, and puncture marks, and she was very weak.

we took her to the vet, and he gave her an aneasthetic and operated on her and closed the wound, although i think she has quite a nasty puncture wound to her back (which might be why she was limping).

anyway, she is now indoors (our house), wrapped in a towel, feeding on some warm rice and water mixed with antibiotics. she seems alert and getting better.


i just wanted to know if i've done the right thing, and whether anyone else 's chickens have survived such an attack? the vet's bill wasn't cheap, and wilma will have to lay a LOT of eggs to make up for it, but she's been with me for 18 months now, and i couldn't have left her without doing anything - so i'm hoping that someone will reassure me that she stands a good chance of pulling through? the vet did say that she came round from the anaesthetic very well and that 'she was a tough old bird'!


oh we do get attached.....i guess only other chicken owners will understand.

please some words of reassurance....!

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Oh Max what a shocking thing to have happened to you and your girls :shock: - there but for the grace of God go I.


Im positive you have done the right thing for your baby girls - i would have done just the same.


Im sure they will both pull through, after all they have you looking after them and you will do a brilliant job of giving them TLC. :D


You could try giving then some Arnica & Aconite pills - you can get them from the homeopathic section of Boots. Arnica is great to help bruising heal and aconite is great for shock.


I know is hard to do but try not to worry - keep the girls warm and well fed with a few of their favourite treats and im sure they will buck up soon.


Dont hesitate to post again if you at all worried or just need someone to listen.


Much love to you and yours & lots of hugs!

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What a shock, I dont know what I would have done if I saw a chicken in a foxs jaw. You poor thing, and your poor chickens, what a shock for them.


I would have done the same thing too by going to the vet, so please dont feel silly.


Like Emma said, just keep a good eye on her, keep her warm and give her lots of TLC and treats and fingers crossed she will pull through :pray:


Keep us posted how she's going along.

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So sorry to hear about the fox attack Max, it's my worst nightmare so I can only imagine how you are feeling.


Good for Wilma for escaping from the fox, it sounds like she is a fighter and a survivor. You went with your gut reaction by taking her to the vets so this was absolutely the right thing to do, no question about it.


Sending you and Wilma big hugs, I have my fingers and toes crossed that she will recover, she is lucky to have such a caring owner. Hope that you have recovered from the shock too.



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thank you all for the comforting words.

i think wilma really is a fighter - she is the more dominant of the two. she's doing well at the moment. i think we'll keep her in tonight where it's much warmer....my husband (bless him) carried thelma into the house to 'visit' wilma, and the two of them were cooing to each other.

the vet said that if she's ok tomorrow - then she probably has made it.

i really am surprised how she managed to escape! she must have really fought him and he lost his grip?

i will keep you posted!

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What an ordeal! SO glad you managed to get Wilma back, and to the vets for treatment.

Sending lots of positive thoughts to you, hoping that she'll pull through. She sounds like quite a character.

Good idea to let her see Thelma and vice versa: They will help eachother, and the sooner you can get them back together the better for both really. Don't forget Thelma must have had a quite a shock too! You probably won't get any eggs for a while. Give her lots of treats and TLC too!

Best wishes to you. Please keep us updated on how they are doing!

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dear all,


really pleased to report that wilma is looking a lot perkier today! thelma made an awful racket in the pen this morning, i think she must have been wondering where wilma was!

anyway, i've put wilma back into the pen now - and she has hobbled back into the eglu - i think she must just want some peace and quiet.

i am a bit worried because the vet has given me some antibiotics to put in their drinking water which i have done, but if wilma is going to stay in the eglu itself, then she wont be able to reach the water holder. i guess the only solution would be to put a small container in the eglu too for food and water?

also, do you think i should bring her back indoors tonight or will she be ok in the eglu?


thanks so much for all your words of encouragement !

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How awful :shock:


Glad to hear that Wilma seems to be doing well considering the trauma she has been through.


When we had to give Clucky anti biotics I put her under one arm and gently dribbled it into the side of her beak with a tiny syringe. It seems that when you do this they automatically wobble their beak and swallow.

it may be worhtwhile asking your vet what dosage is best though as it may be different to what is going in the water.


If she is a little more feisty though the grape trick is good too. Either way you know that she is getting all she needs to help her recovery.


Keep up the good work. :wink:

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I have only just seen this. What a terrible shock for you all! I should think you're still shaking.


I hope Wilma is still OK today. I'm inclined to agree with the others - putting antibiotics in the water is a bit hit and miss. I would want to make sure she had the full dose every day. Her wounds must have been germy with those horrible teeth so the risk of infection is quite high.

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