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I woke up very early today (5am)after a strange dream.

It started with gloria making an amazingly load noise and I ran outside.I got out in time to see a puff of smoke and an egg being fired out of the run. I picked it up to see a large egg that was flat at the top with mushrooms growing out of it. The noticed it was hollow and woke up.

Unfortunately wasn't able to get back to sleep because I was busy wondering whether a real egg had been layed!

Unfortunately not, so much for my psychic powers!

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Amazingly the first egg arrived today. Not as dreampt (no smoke etc...)

Gloria was in and out of the eggloo for about an hour spending 10 mins in each time.Mabel just stood at the door staring in looking bemused.Then at about 10am an egg arived. It was really small but beautiful.

Ate it poached and shared with partner(less than a mouthful each)

The egg cosie I got from eglutine(gorgious) was like a marquee!

Text sent to all friends with photo, they all humoured me. The pressures on for a few more for pancake day!

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