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Alternative idea for a chicken run

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As I'm not particularly handy and don't have anyone around who is to make a chicken run, I was thinking of getting a fruit cage and using that as a permananet walk-in run for my girls. I could put stronger plastic mesh around the bottom half and put the Eglus (minus eglu runs) inside. That way they can they can have more room to roam around safely when I'm at work.


What do you think about that idea?? would it work?? Have seen one 6ft high, 6ft wide by 12ft long at a reasonable price. Any advice for or against the idea welcome

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Hi, we initially used a fruit cage like that for our girls but after some strong wind it started to fall apart and the chickens got out - v worrying as we had a lot of foxes so we invested in this:




This photo is actually our run - although now it has the wooden house attached to it as we sold our eglu. It's fantastic although expense - wonderfully put together and with paving slabs round the outside as foxproof as it gets. The guy that comes round to put the run up was really nice and keeps chickens himself. He :roll: when he saw we only had 2 at the time and had such a big run tho :lol:

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