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shredded paper v straw for nesting box?

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I favour shredded paper because its cheap and uses up our s"Ooops, word censored!" paper but the chickens roost on it and make it flat and I was wondering about straw. In fact I think I'll buy some straw and see how they like it.


I'm sure this topic has been on before, so if I can be guided towards that then very well. Just like to know how people get on with straw.


Pirate 11 is now laying but Angel (of old) seems to be producing soft shells and I think she is laying on the wooden slats. and the things just go through. The other day I think because we were out I think she got fed up with waiting for me to collect her beloved egg and when we did get home I saw her guiltily coming out of the eglu and her softie may have been lifted from the nesting box and shoved onto the slats in a fit of spite. But then I may be imagining things.

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if they eat it - which they do :roll:


Yes, WHY do these odd creatures insist on eating their bedding?!


I have mine on wood shavings, primarily because I buy 120 litre bales for the horse, and nick some from him for the chooks! They LOVE them, especially fresh shavings, where they go and kick them all about and make nests in it...

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Scats sell country type stuff mainly for horses, but they do chicken stuff too. I get poultry spice and mite powder from them.


Diana here is your nearest Scats


Scats Country Stores, Hectors Way, Newbury, RG14 5AB

01635 43436


They are really helpful in my local one, so i'm sure they would order Aubiose/hemcore for you.


I use a layer of newspaper, then aubiose then straw. They still flatten the straw but seem to like it. Plus it 'looks' nesty! :roll::roll::wink:

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I did use aubiose on top of sheets of newspaper and that worked really well.

Straw was fine too.

Since the new chickens arrived they poo in the nest every day and I just put sheets of clean newspaper in every day like Buffie. Straw didn't work in this case. I found loose bedding harder to remove everyday.

They've not eaten it to my knowledge but horrid Abbie sometimes pulls it out from the poop tray and shreds it all over the run :roll:

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Thanks for all your feed back - today was my first three-egg day !egg!!egg!!egg! . One was so small it had fallen through the slats but luckily was still unbroken. Pirate II layed hers in the bare box - paper removed and blown around the run. Third egg resting on slats.


Angel's the one I think has been laying the soft shelled eggs and the two new eggs today look like they come from the same bird - possibly Speckeldy Rose's first egg-laying day and she's given two?? :eh:


Still haven't had time to buy some new nesting material :roll:

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I use newspaper in the poop tray, and have just changed from using kitchen roll in the nestbox to newspaper. The Hens sometimes got the kitchen roll wrapped around their claws and would end up dragging it about with them :roll: I use 4 sheets of tabloid size newspaper folded up and it is too heavy for them to budge :D


Tilly always sleeps and poops in the nestbox at night so a daily change of paper is a must.

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