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well this looks like a comfy spot for a doze

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Annie loves sitting on our laps :D:D:D ................it all started a couple of days after we got her when I was sitting in the garden and she hopped over (only has 1 working leg so she has to hop everywhere :( ) and jumped up on my lap and snuggled down for a snooze :D:D


She's been doing it ever since and sometimes in the afternoon when everyone is freeranging in the garden she comes indoors for a snuggle as she's really scared of our original chooks :shock::shock:


Yes Paola we have a lot of dog/chook crates :roll::roll: We used to only have one as an emergency sick bay for any ill chooks, then when we decided to rehome 2 rescue girls, we weren't sure what condition they would be in and thought they may have to stay indoors for a bit so we got a 2nd crate for them to use.

The small crate in for Annie to use sometimes when she finds life a bit too much and needs to hide away from the others. One day when I've the time I will tell you all about my very special chook Annie and her problems.

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Beautiful girls.


Annie is looking very at home.


One of my ex-batts climbed onto my lap last week. Its funny because they started off pecking anything that moved (including my toes) but now they are really friendly and more affectionate than my omlet girls (except Petula who is scared of everything).

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