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My beautiful proud lady

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Cant beleive I am writing this. Everytrhing hurts. Not got my glasses on and cant see for crying. This morning my hubbo found my lovely Selma dead in the eglu. No idea why. As you know we lost her sister Patty just after we bought them.


On Sunday, while having their weekend treat of pasta with olive oil I was watching her. Her feathers were so inky black with that green sheen. In the sun she is such a stunner. Also so funny!


I've just been out to say goodbye. Thanked her for the fun and all the eggs. She was great for double yokers. If I did anything wrong darling Selma I am so very sorry. You are so loved and when I tell the kids they will be distraught. I'll leave that til after school.


Love all your girls like crazy and give them a hug for me.


Sal x

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Thank you all for your lovely messages.


My kiddies took it better than I did! (Except my 17 year old) :cry: . I dont understand what went wrong. She was fine at the weekend, laid a couple of decent eggs and sat on my lap for some corn. She was always faster than my GNR's when worms were involved! When we let the rabbit in the run on a Saturday she could get a bit vocal - poor Fudge got a bit shouted at!

Had problems finding someone to take her away today. Vets in the area arent allowed, They put us in touch with the company that collects from them and in the end DEFRA said it was OK and they came and collected her.

Tomorrow will be hard. When I open the eglu door in the morning Selma would wait for me to open the egg door so she could hop out and do a lap of the main pen before I popped her back in before work :roll: !


Anyway, thanks again for your kind words and my love to you all.


Sal :pray:

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