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Hi all,


I can't belive I am going to tell you this I feel such an idiot :oops:


I am very tired at the moment and not sleeping terribly well so on Saturday morning I was up with the birds so to speak and trying to keep myself busy :roll:


At 7.30 I was putting a cake into the oven :shock: When my dad called with the latest on my mum :?


After that I decided to go upstairs and start on the housework so I went into the bathroom and was rinsing the sink when I thought hmmmm draining a bit slow so I went back down to the kitchen to get soda, salt and vinegar to have a go at the drain 8) I also brought the screwdriver set up to have a go at the shower drain since I was in the mood :evil:


Did the sink working lovely now :roll: Undid the screw on the shower drain and cleared out the gunk and hair from under it as you do then (why oh why did I do this :oops: ) I decided to rise the bits of crud that were under the metal plate which I had just removed so switched on the shower and happily rinsed :evil: Then I reattached the metal plate and screwed it all home and thought must go and check on that cake as it was 8.45 by now and it was due out of the oven around 9 :roll:


Went into the kitchen and oh boy what a scene oif devastation there was water everywhere :oops:


All over the hob, counter and floor :evil:


Then I started to think about what I had been doing in the bathroom :? By unscrewing the metal plate I had effectively disconnected the waste pipe from the shower tray so all of the rinse water had to go somewhere :shock: Fortunately one of the spotlights in the kitchen is broken so there is a hole in the ceiling above the cooker where the water went trough :lol:


Good job otherwise the whole ceiling might have come down :oops: How was I so stupid :oops:


No damage done after all and the shower tray isn't leaking I moped up the water and put it down to stress worry and lack of sleep :roll: Oh and me being a complete muppet :oops:


You are allowed to follow this with copious quantities of :lol::lol::lol:

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Oh poor you. Would not be so cruel as to laugh. We have all done silly things and I am sure I would have done the same without thinking.


Still, could have been worse.


Hope you manage to sleep better soon - any chance of an afternoon nap to catch up?

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Glad there wasn't too much damage louise.............I did the same thing with the bath but put it all back together not realising that I had knocked the waste pipe off, it was only when I let the bath water out later that night that all the water came through the kitchen ceiling i wasn't quite so lucky we had to replace part of the ceiling and redecorate........... :cry:


Hope you mum is getting a little better and that the cake was nice...........

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She has regained the feeling in her right leg but not her arm and she is able to say a few words but really isn't communicating :cry:


My dad said she had quite a bad night last night and was very restless and kept putting her hand up to her head on the left hand side so he thinks she was having another headache so the pharmasist gave her something he doesn't know if it was a sedative or a painkiller but whatever it was it helped and she went back to sleep :?


He is hoping to see the doctor today as he is the only one who speaks English and my dads Spanish is very limited :roll: The hospital is a very small one so English speaking staff aren't the norm :?


She has been having tests so hopefully they will have some news :? My dad thinks it will be weeks before they say she will be able to travel and he thinks she may have to go into a rehab place for physio and speach therapy when they let her out of the hospital :cry::cry::cry:

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:lol::lol::lol: - I'll have a laugh at your misfortune Louise, I've done things like that as well. Glad the outcome wasn't too terrible.


I hope it isn't too long before your Mum is allowed to travel. Have you got any further with your passport? will you be able to take a few days to go and see her?

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Things will get better Louise


We all do things like that when we are tired and worried (well I do anyway) :oops:


At least there wasn't too much damage


Really hope that you get some good news about your mums recovery very soon and she is able to come home and you can look after her


Positive vibes being sent your way

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Oh poor you! Hope some good luck comes your way really soon!

As for the flood, we had one once when i lived at home. Dad decided to put some wall lights up downstairs & had to lift the floorboards upstairs to get to the wiring. Job done, floorboards put back, one nail to go and - bang! In went the nail straight into the water pipe ( central heating pipe i think ). well the stairs were like a fantastic waterfall. But the best bit was mum mum running out of the kitchen and collecting the water coming through the ceiling in a culinder!!! :roll:

When she realised, she then went to get the plastic dog basket - just as bad I think?!



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Ill join you with a a :lol:


Not a numpty on your own, thats for sure - just glad it wasn't too much mess and destruction!


I was trying to lay some vinyl type laminate lookilike flooring in our bathroom at our old house (just to freshen it up for selling it) and my neighbour/close friend said I could unscrew the loo and just lift it up a little to slide these tiles under. Thought Great! - undid it moved the loo slightly and the dripping started.


Rearranged and stopped the dripping got on and laid the rest of the floor


Flushed the loo ten minutes later and WHOOSH!


all over the floor, through the ceiling and tracked out of a light fitting in the living room. Had to re-do a ft sq of ceiling :roll:

It wasn't my fault tho said the emergency plumber - the house builders put far too little pipe into the back of the loo and bunged a load of silicone round to cover the bodge otherwise it wouldnt take the force of the water.


Still - where would we be in life without such little whoopsies! (I have done plenty)




Hope there is some more good news about your mum too Louise




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Andrew I think you have definitely topped me :lol::lol::lol:


Apparently my dad got mum laughing last night when he was trying to feed her they are giving her very sloppy food which she doesn't like and she keeps trying to help him and because her eye on the right has been affected she keeps steering it into the side of her face to which he said 'will you please let me do the driving' which made her laugh 8)


She has been taken off a drip which means they obviously think she is getting better so fingers crossed :pray:

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