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Cute Chicks .... !!!

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Went to Tropical Birdland near leicester on Saturday. Brilliant place, my boys love it. Saw this little chap ... bless. A face only a mother could love ...



Hopefully though he'll soon look like these African Grey babies ...



This Macaw was the most gorgeous colour ...



And I did try to sneak this cutie out with me but OH put his foot down :roll:



It is amazing when they just walk all over you. The cockatoo was nibbling my shirt and cuddling up to my ear! :lol:

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Great pics :D


Before I was born my dad was in the merchant navy and spent a lot of time in Africa. In his wisdom he brought back an African grey parrot :shock: It went to live with his aunt and uncle but at some point found its way back to us. It was a girl and hated women :lol: , however it liked me because I shared my Ready Brek with it and gave it a smartie everyday :D It used to swear like a trooper and sing “Magic Moments” (not sure if that is the title of the song) :shock::lol: Just seeing those little birds has brought back a flood of memories.


Thank you Snowy :wink:

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It's a great place, my sons love it!

OK here are some more pics:



My son just wanted to collect as many as he could :roll:



This african Grey invited himself to lunch! :shock:



An old bird with some young birds. I look a bit anxious because the one on my shoulder was busy chewing a hole in my collar! (But note the BHWT bag got a good showing!)



They breed and sell the African Greys - OH looked interested until he found out the price! :lol:

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Wonderful photos - most babies looke wrinkley don't they when a day or two old - but the do grow into their faces pdq


Thanks for sharing

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Okay that is quite expensive but not as much as I was expecting :shock:


Too much money to risk in a house with three cats though :( Can you imagine the scene feathers everywhere an 'it wasn't me' innocent look on their faces after a £600 lunch :lol:

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Louise, we have 4 cockateils in the living room, and we've only had one near miss with the cats, and that was when one of the boys left the cage open by mistake. The cats don;t give them a second glance when the cage is shut. :D

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