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So, what have I missed?

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Just back from a lovely 2 weeks in Kos,with a nice tan,heaps of washing to do & sleep to catch up on after a long night flight home.


A piccy of the Omlet T Shirt in Kos will be posted later & I will update my blog with some photos of a nasty reaction I had to a mozzie bite which made my eyes swell shut for 2 days & made me look like Manimal :wink:


Can you all do me a quick forum catch-up........so many red arrows are a bit daunting :lol:

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Nice to have you back by the way and here's all I have


Went to devon to go to battery farm and we brought out 600. Fantastic day with the team and Mikey came too! He found it so rewarding, we ached like mad the next day :D


That's it and off to Silverstone for a Honda partners day and to have a fast lap round the track with Jenson Button in 2 weeks 8)


BBx :D

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Welcome back!


No newsletter (haven't seen one for months).


As far as what else you have missed - Cubes have been all the rage recently, mixed in with a bit of TV (Dr Who, Big Brother). The Big Chicken is of course well underway. Buffie and others have kept battery hens in the forefront of peoples' minds, while ClareT and Lesley managed to start a pants debate (again) and Crocs have popped up more than once or twice.


Talking of Lesley, there has been a lot happening down at the farm as usual.


I am sure someone must have had a rant about something while you have been away. And forum members have been rallying round where needed to cheer up others and offer good advice.


All in all, a normal couple of weeks on the forum!

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Welcome back Sarah.


Your poor face :( it looks very painful :(


My news is that I am getting a green Eglu on Thursday :dance: and my Chickens freeranged for the first time ever yesterday :oops:


Oh and there were 142 online users on 4th June :shock: so we will never break the record on the annual attempt :roll:

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Welcome back Sarah, looks like you had a great time, apart from the face! :shock: Poor you!


I've adopted an extra eglu and 2 chickens. We are currently going through the throes of trying to integrate the 2 factions at the moment, so plenty of feathers flying! :roll::D

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Welcome back Sarah, it looks as though you had a good time in Kos, apart from the 'slight' reaction


We now have our cube and 3 new girls 8)


I might show your blog to a friend at work who is looking for somewhere to go for her hols, she is unsure where to go, so it may tempt her, it's good to have a personal recommendation

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