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Thunder and Lightening....Very Very Frightening

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No so sunny Berkshire, was completely black at 7.15pm. Torrential rain, windy and fabulous lightening (my roof decided it was a good time to leak with the battering it received). Sun came out at 8pm as if nothing happened.


The chooks huddled under the winter shade as I put them in the run early tonight. Chooks now protesting to be let out but back garden is a swamp so they will just have to carry on protesting.......

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Ali-s is on the top of the world looking down on creation and the...Sorry :oops:


Everything is south! for Ali-s!


Egluntine, it is grim up north, Sheffield is near the equator isn't it!


The best way to describe the weather her at the mo, is that there isn't any!

Not a good sign, It's like the old cowboy films where the guy says ' it's too quiet' just before getting an arrow in the mush.


Batton down the hatches Couperwife!! Force fourteen north easterly 'hooligan' wind to come!! :(

It has gone rather dark too, but I think that's cos it's night! :)



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It has gone rather dark too, but I think that's cos it's night! :)


Spooky but it's done that here too :lol:


I've been watching the weather for past couple of weeks on the news and keep wondering when we're going to get some. We've had a little bit of rain, which was a relief after our extended heatwave, and it's a bit blowy at the moment, but torrential rain, floods and thunder storms?? Famous last words?? :lol:

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Poor Bizmillah - and you Rhapsody! Animals choose their moments don't they!


You'll need a canoe soon Egluntine!


I'll have to go and check the soakaway and rod it - or the Big Green Poo Machine will pack up again :roll:


I think Kev and Dan get together for their evening drink and then come and post on here! :lol::lol:

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I feel better now the storms kicked in properly. I always feel ill beforehand. At least that meant I got my washing in in time


Me too Bron.

I had my "Thunder Headache" for most of the afternoon, & our storm started about 7ish.

Amazing lightning, & one thunderbolt which literally shook the windows & blew the power in the village - never seen or heard anything like it (I pity wherever it hit!)

I looked out at the hens,who were all dry uner their roof,but looking very alarmed,the poor loves :?

The frount flooded as there was so much rain that the road drains couldn't cope.


Its much nicer today - none of that sticky mugginess of yeasterday 8)

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