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Ok, so i went to the Ardingly smallholder show today...

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and look what i came back with... :oops::D












These are (as yet unnamed) Khaki Campbell ducklings (girlies!) I just couldn't resist... They are 3 weeks old and are very cute (though totally petrified of our ginger tom cat Alfie) I figured as we had plenty of room in the eglu and a pond for Kolo and Thierry already why not... Was with my aunt and uncle and DH was with a whole load of teenagers at Thorpe Park (youth group trip out) so i texted him pretending to 'ask' and he said 'no more then 2 more!' After nearly fainting with shock (i think he was slightly distracted and thought i was joking) i went and bought them and here they are :D


Also saw these... They're on my wish list next... How gorgeous?!



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Congratulations! I don't normally stray into the duck section either! :lol:


Can't wait to hear their names.


Don't start that again Ann - we got in trouble last time we did that here... :lol:


but these are girlies... mmmmmm.... (scratches chin thoughtfully..)


they look lovely Helen - proper ducklings! How exciting is that? :D


Phil x

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The other ones i have my eye on are Buff Orpington Ducks, Lesley.


Do you know, i thought of Poppy as a possible name xChicken 04x - though i already have a Daisy... (chicken)


I quite like 'Alice' and 'Geraldine' (from The Vicar of Dibley) My DH's suggestion of 'Racquel' and 'Cassandra' from Only Fools... went down with me like a lead balloon though, so they are still as yet unnamed - any inspirational ideas welcomed :D

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they are gorgeous, really pretty fluffy ducks :)


Maybe one could be "de" and the other one "silva" after your major signing?! :wink::lol::lol:


Nice thought - but no! Kristy and Sarah - 2 year 4 girls at work wanted me to call them Kristy and Sarah :wink: which i declined. Phils daughter Carys suggested Bubble and Squeak but i can't see OH yelling 'squeak, squeak' out the patio door so i am still stuck! One of the year 4 boys suggested 'Lily' which i like but i need another name to fit the flower theme... Any ideas welcome...

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I already have a Daisy, Kate. Shes my oldest chicken! :) The year 4 children at work have been helpfully coming up with names and they are now called Lily and Rosie. Don't ask which is which yet! Here are some pics of them today. They have been moved outside to an old dog crate in the garage. If you look closely you may be able to see their feathers coming through :D (indulge me please... :wink: )













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wow! they grow fast - but you did say this is a big breed, didn't you? I'm afraid my daughter will probably always call them bubble & squeak, but Lily and rosie are lovely names.


I can see the feathers - I can't get over how big they are now compared to a week or so ago, what are you feeding them on - left over quorn sausages? :wink:


Phil x


here's me holding one when they were small just a little while ago...



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