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How yellow?

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Just wanted to share this with you! :D


I made my first decent egg custard last night. It looks so different from a shop bought custard - looks like my hand slipped with the food colouring! But it's pure egg and milk! We needed sunglasses to eat it!




(Although I have to admit I cheated on hte pastry - used a shop bought case :oops: - now I know what to do I'll make my own in future :lol: )

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Thanks all! Yes it is Dayglo yellow isn't it? :lol:

I had a couple of disasters first but was determined to crack it (you know, when the OH says 'my Mum used to make us egg custard, why can't you?' :twisted: )

If you use the ready made pastry cases you have to brush them with beaten egg first and pop in the oven for a few minutes - otherwise the pastry soaks up the custard :shock: Still tastes nice, but it's not a custard anymore :lol:

I used about half a pint of milk, the remains of the egg used to glaze it plus another 2 large eggs, plus 2 tablespoons of sugar. OH said it needed a bit more sugar but he does have a sweet tooth! Bake until set. But that was a bit of guesswork, if anyone else has a 'proper' recipe I'd love to know it! :D

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I made some Yorkshire puddings a couple of Sunday's ago & they were mega yellow- I did put two eggs in there.


My Mum's recipe for Egg custard is....

2 eggs

half pint milk

a couple of dessert spoons of sugar

She cooks it at 400 fahrenheit till it's still a bit wobbly.... too much & it goes watery.

She also sprinkles cinammon & mixed spice on the top.

It's really yummy......


We went there on Sunday for lunch & for pudding had Christmas pudding WITH THE CUSTARD ON TOP, Emma! :D:D:D

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