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Céline the Foster Pup

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Just over three weeks ago a friend asked me to take on her 6 month old foster dog as she was moving out of her apartment so over she came the same afternoon.

The first day she was very nervous as she'd only lived with women before but she quickly settled in and made friends with Dawrus my housemates Irish Setter and Jim the kitten we found outside the gym! She's been to the vets for vaccinations and drops for her gunky eyes which have cleared up nicely.

Her recall is great and she gets on with all dogs she meets - she's been to cafes in town, lots of BBQ's and even a weekend of endoscopy training at vet school!

Céline foster dog.jpg

Celine veterinary endoscopy.jpg

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What a cutie!

Is she going to go to a new home, or is she one of those fostered's that becomes adopted? She does look very settled ...

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A friend's mom was interested but the courier cost was too expensive to get her to Edinburgh.

I'd really like to keep her but don't know where I'll be working next summer and then it's finding a dog friendly house and job. My mom and brother have wanted a dog for a few years, it's me and dad that have been saying no!

Céline foster pup grass.jpg

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