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Alan Titchmarsh vs John McCirrick

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I've seen a couple of episodes of AT's new show and I didn't think I would - but I actually quite like it! Apart from that DREADFUL OTT theme music, which is just horrendous - and sooooo not Alan. It would be more suitable for a tacky cable TV gameshow methinks. :lol:


John McCririck is vile - and so deluded! I don't think the man (I use this term loosely) has a single redeeming feature. :evil:


It was great that AT threw him off - but I agree - he should have done it sooner. Why does JM even get invited onto telly progs in the first place?? I don't understand at all! Is it just me? :?:


PS - :vom: Monty Don :angel: Hugh Fernley Wernley....I think I have a mini crush in fact... :lol:

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Why does JM even get invited onto telly progs in the first place??

Because he can always be relied upon to be objectionable and controversial.


He boosted the ratings for AT's show and made more people aware of it.


Hugh Fernley Wernley

:lol::lol: I'll not be able to think of him as anything else now!

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I know what you mean...I have no strong feelings either way about Ingrid Tarrant. She is just famous for being the wife and now ex wife of Chris Tarrant as far as I can see, but she certainly did not deserve to be spoken to in that manner by an overweight man wearing a deersatalker and...to coin Claret's unforgettable phrase....ahem.....*clears throat*...."more bling than a yardie pimp".

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Chilli always looks a total tart with all his bling too, & now gives me his resigned look whenever I put something else on him.

At the moment he has a turquoise glitter flea collar with a turquoise bell, & pretty silver daisy dangly & his name tag.


You can hear him coming from miles off...................

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