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chicken shaming

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I have a similar one:  Fizz the Fraud who looks so ill that you bring her inside and get an appointment with the vet.  By the time we get there, she's fine.  Then there's Fudge.  Fudge won't go to bed without some hanky panky and demands I squiffle her back and pat her on the floofy bits.  When I was away she demanded the same from OH - he said it was very embarrassing!  She wasn't well in the photo - but getting better with a few days of antibiotics - she was on the table in the dining room so she could see outside - mostly she did roadkill and sunbathed and then she was digging and throwing her food around!  FIL was visiting and he insisted she stayed on the table, so I had to put up a tent so that our food wouldn't get dirty but he could see her!  





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Now it's ducky floofing - except OH gets in there first!  Fudge (in the piccy) now has broken her record for the longest broody period.  She's a stubborn little brat and although she doesn't like the sin bin - 5 weeks!  She started before the first lot of ducklings hatched - tomorrow they'll be 4 weeks old.  I had noticed the last few days were spent longer with the other bantams and then I'd find her later in the nest box again and cooking.  So back in the sin bin she went.  Today is rubbish weather, so went to check on the duckies all round and Fudge was still out with the others.  I think we are sorted.  Hope we are sorted.  She'd better be!!!!

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