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Mrs Frugal

My new girls - at long last!!

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We picked up the "Sussex Ladies" from Alastair Gilchrist near Melton Mowbray this morning but I think we need to rename them the "Sussex Girls" as they are only 14-15 weeks old and look very young, bless them.


Meet Aphrodite, Athene, Cassandra and Pandora (all named by Ollie who loves his Greek Myths and thought these classy young ladies deserved classy names :lol: )





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Congratulations Sarah!! Are they settling in OK?


The Sussex Girls are settling in nicely - they're very quiet and shy but they've found the food bowl :lol: . Jenny is being a pain in the bum though. Her nose is well and truly out of joint and she's being VERY vocal about the new girls kicking her, Izzy and Clarry out of the Cube and back into the Eglu :lol: . I've had to shut her in the Eglu for half an hour to see if she'll calm down. We've split the run in half with the Cube and the Sussex Girls in one half and the old Eglu and original 3 in the other half which has access to the garden and their little run to the side of the covered run so they can come and go while the Sussex Girls get used to life in the Cube and run. We'll keep them separate for as long as necessary (or until Jenny shuts up!) and then put Izzy in with them so she can establish herself in the pecking order first as she's the lowliest of the original 3 and needs a bit of confidence building. Once they're all happy, we'll take down the barricade which separates the 2 Eglus and see if harmony reigns!!


The Sussex Girls are so sweet and I can't get over how light they are compared to the other three who feel like proper little bruisers in comparison :lol: .


Christian, you have to persuade OH to let you have some Sussex girls! They are so pretty!

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They're lovely Kate! We may have ended up with Light Sussex when we got our new two, but they'd been sold in the morning, (and we came in the afternoon :lol: )


However the new two are gorgeous and still cheep to each other, but I reckon that Spice is actually a bantam as a) she keeps escaping and b)she is smaller than Molly who is younger than her. Anyway, we'll see!


When we got ours 2 weeks ago Muddles was being very vocal, but don't worry about it, by the next day she'd shut up. Muddles and Starlet are now very friendly to them and like to peer through the mesh to say hello!

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I hope Jenny does like Muddles did then, Liz. She's driving us all up the wall at the moment with her "ooo ooo oooing!". She's been shut in the Eglu so many times and we've even resorted to squirting her with a plant mister everytime she starts but she just gets louder :lol: .


I've put some more photos in my album in a sub-album called "Sussex Ladies" - the link's in my signature :D .

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