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Pet Froggies!!

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16 hours ago, soapdragon said:

They are gorgeous! There are some similar at The Living Rainforest near Newbury and I always make a beeline for them. How big will they grow, Andyroo?

I love the living rainforest - but it's been a while since I've been. The males get to about 2" and the females get to about 3", so not huge - but they remain cute throughout, and don't tend to lose any colour. If you feed them well and make sure the bugs they eat have lots of good food, then that can actually make their colours even brighter.

6 hours ago, Ursula123 said:

We have these in our garden, they are called 'Rainette verte' here. I usually find them in the watering can.

These live wild in France!?!? I thought the only place they lived wild were in the central American rainforests. I'd no idea they lived elsewhere! How cute.

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2 hours ago, Luvachicken said:

Very sweet.

Do they make a noise ?

How do you know which is which ?

The males do make a croaking noise at night, but it's not especially loud - and they tend to only do it when they're a little bigger.

Do you mean in terms of sexing them? To the best of my knowledge they're not really dimorphic until they reach maturity, in which case females are slightly bigger. I think their face shapes may be ever so slightly different too, but I don't really know a lot about how to tell the difference. I think the male's feet might turn slightly brown as opposed to red during the mating season.

In terms of identifying individuals, they are all virtually identical, although one of mine does have a slightly lighter skin tone to the other two. I think that's probably the best bet unless one of them develops a small spot or something.

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19 minutes ago, Patricia W said:

Andy Roo, you’re the first person I’ve known to have pet frogs!   A new dimension.   How do you feed them, clean them etc? 

Admittedly I've only had them a few days, so I am sure it'll be a learning curve, but so far it's not too traumatic.

My understanding is that you can set up a bioactive enclosure which basically takes care of itself - although I have not done this myself. To clean them it's a case of just wiping down the glass with a tissue once a week, making sure their water is changed daily (they sit in it to absorb water through their skin, apparently - but they also use it as a toilet!), removing any dead or uneaten food, and giving the moss a squeeze out so it doesn't go mouldy.

Feeding them is pretty easy: they eat crickets, but you have to make sure the crickets are fed and dusted in calcium powder before feeding them to the frogs. It sounds complicated, but it's actually quick and easy.

You also have to keep their environment heated and a little humid by misting the plants/decor a couple of times a day.

Obviously different frogs have different requirements.

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8 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Do you have a cricket container? If not, have a google. Those are very useful, especially since yours won’t eat that many crickets per day.

I already have one. They probably eat 3 small crickets each per day at the moment because they're still juveniles; once they get a little bigger, they only need feeding every 2-3 days or so.

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8 hours ago, Willow said:

So cute, do keep us updated on how they are doing Andy. There tank (don't know the right term) looks lovely

Their (autocorrect fail 🙄)

Truth be told, I'm not 100% sure myself as I have seen both 'terrarium' and 'vivarium' used interchangeably. I've been using vivarium and everyone seems to know what I am on about, so I am just going with that.

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4 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Isn’t a terrarium dry? Like in terra=earth.  Meaning, no pond at the bottom?

I looked it up: supposedly the primary difference is that terrariums are for keeping plants in, and vivariums are for keeping animals.

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