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Updated "meet my new gang" photos

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I have had the chicks 3 weeks now but not sure you can see much difference between the photos.

Hazel does seem to have lost the big white feather she had a few weeks ago and she had some cute yellow baby feathers under her chin too, which also seem to have gone. 

I think they are all getting bigger - tomorrow is weighing day just to make sure - they only seem to put on about 10-20 g a week.








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They are very cute I admit, but the amount of bedding I keep sweeping and hoovering is getting silly.

Plus they chuck it at me when I sweep it.

Yesterday I went to the dentist, finally opened at last, a bit later I found a big bit of bedding in my hair - I really hope it wasn't there when I saw him :oops: Still, better sawdust than a poop :lol:

Today, they have had fun with coop cups filled with water and a tiny bit of tonic.

The lady who sold them to me, told me they were used to drinking out of bunny bottles, so that is what we got them. Nancy seems to be the only one who can wobble the ball bearing and get a decent drink. All the others peck at the ball bearing and try to catch the dribble that comes out. Yesterday I gave them a little pot of drink and they were very excited to drink out of it. Today, they almost had my hand off in their excitement to get the pot so I gave them the coop cups as well as the bunny bottles.

Nancy and Nellie are definitely more bonkers than the others. They have an awful squawk when you pick them up and take a while to calm down on my lap too.

And I did feel a bit sad when I accidentally pulled out one of Nellie's feathers that had poop stuck on it - she did let out a big squeal, poor thing.

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1 hour ago, Jen346 said:

Aww they are so cute 😍 a friend of mine suggested keeping them in a cheap travel cot ... I'm going to give it a try as the sawdust everywhere is driving me bonkers too with mine  🤣

The travel cot sounds like a pretty good idea.

A bit late for me now but something for others to use if they get little chicks. It would definitely keep most of the bedding in..

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