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First ever Lockdown swap '21 - Join in by 6th May

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As our Easter swap got cancelled, lots of you said you would like to do a swap later in the year.

I thought we could hopefully celebrate the end of Lockdown by opening our gifts on 21st June - as that is meant to be when things come to an end.

If you would like to take part then please sign up by 6th May. I will send out addresses over the weekend of 7th and 8th of May.

This gives us approximately 6 weeks to make something and get it sent to arrive in time for 21st June.


The rules for the swap, which I'm sure most of you know, are that

You must be an Omlet member for 3 months before you can join in and have made a significant number of posts.

Please remember to post your swap in good time and it is a good idea to get some form of proof of postage but you don't have to.

If you find that you can't complete your swap, there is no shame in withdrawing, but please let me know in good time so that I can sort something else out instead.

If you decide not to take part after you have said, please tell me before I send out addresses to you all. 

Don't forget to send me a PM to say that you have sent /received your parcel and post on the main page that you have received it - that way the person who sent you their parcel will know it has arrived.

Please try to keep up to date with swap news, by checking, and even posting on the thread regularly.

Remember to take a photo and post it on here to say Thank you 

Most of all, please reply to any PM's you might be sent, as this makes my life so much easier (thank you 😊 )


The idea is to make something crafty  - you can top up your gift with little extras if you would like to but this tends to be more of a Christmas / Easter treat.

It is also meant to be a secret so please try not to say what you are good at making.


On the list so far is me - Luvachicken :wink:

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19 hours ago, AndyRoo said:

I would LOVE to take part... but everyone knows what my only crafting talent is. lol

But if 2 people have the same talent we won't be able to tell which is yours.

I bet most people will have forgotten what you do anyway.

6 hours ago, HarrisonFamily said:

I would love to try and make something and join in but no guarantee how it will turn out 

I always struggle to make other things as I am best at my Christmas talent.

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I would have loved to join but just checked out the postage and customs situation and for me to send a package under 500g is €16 which includes duty but it is still all up in the air for charges receiving a parcel from outside the EU and the delivery companies are on the majority still perusing a €25 import price even if items have the custom forms stating value and gift. Just seems to be a way for them to make money.

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22 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Are there any other takers?

@soapdragon more time this time around?

Sadly I am a bit of a one trick pony and have very limited crafty skills - my user name is a giveaway! Also I have just started work 3 days a week as a Learning Support Assistant so, combining that with my family commitments I don't think I could do a swap justice.  I do have a stock though so could send a box - but a bit obvious!

On 4/28/2021 at 7:24 PM, AndyRoo said:

I would LOVE to take part... but everyone knows what my only crafting talent is. lol

Ha! You and me both, Sunshine 😎!!!!!! But you are more inventive!

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So now it's well time for some questions people!!!

1. Cats or dogs (chickens is self explanatory... )
2. Favourite colour / colours. Colours you really don't like
3. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
4. Seaside or mountains
5. Favourite past time?
6. Party of the year or at home with a cup of tea?
7. Your ideal holiday?
8. Allergies?

I'll go first!

1. Cats all the way! ;)
2. Love fresh green colours, yellow and pink
3. Spring at home but love the forest in Autumn
4. Mountains, with lots of trees
5. Reading, walking and watching Netflix...
6. Give me my cup of tea!
7. Some remote hotel/house in the middle of a forest
8. Only Hayfever...

It almost sounds like I don't like people... :lol:

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