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The Dogmother

Clare's new chickens

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I went to see Pearl today and managed (very hard!) to restrict myself to coming back with just two chooks!


We now have Dolly: An Araucana/Poland cross, who has a poofy hairdo and lays blue eggs. She isa bit bigger than the other bantams, but quite calm and submissive.


Lavinia: Is a Lavender Pekin, who is a beautiful ball of fluff, and looks like she will be as sassy as Layla, our other Pekin bantam.


You can see them


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Hi Clare, oh lovely girls. What's the set up you have in the pics (housing) I can see where Lottie gets her good looks from :D


Are bantams easier to introduce :? Just wondered after Lottie is getting it tough.


I'd like a visit to your lady if the intro doesn't go as planned :roll:



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Oh Clare


I have just looked through your gallery - what wonderful photos of you all. Any the bantams are lovely. I really want to introduce some this year.


I wonder how many I can fit into an Eglu Mk11. I wonder if they will mix with my three brown hens.


I wonder if I can find a breeder in Norfolk.


Lots of daydreaming going on here.

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Thanks for all the kind words. The girls have now settle down to sleep together in the cheapo rabbit hutch and run (being replaced by the 2nd hand Rablu), which will be their temporary home while I introduce them to the other chooks.


Sorry for the rushed post and photos; today has been a tad hectic :roll: . Pearl is so lovely and I could have come back with more chooks, but ended up staying for an hour and a half talking about her plans now that they are retired. She has some lovely white japanese bantams, which she is looking to show this year. I sooo nearly came back with one of their offspring :roll:


So far the newbies seem happy together; they are in the rabbit run on the lawn so that the original chookies are all around them. We have been putting corn on both sides of their run mesh so that they are eating near to the others. We will work on integrating them with the others when they have settled in.


If anyone is looking for any chooks/hatching eggs in the oxfordshire area, they would be well advised to go to Pearl, she lives just outside Oxford on a smallholding alongside the A34. She just has soo much knowledge about poultry keeping and they are all well looked after.

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Gee, thanks chaps.


I had the newbies out with the others while I was in the garden this afternoon, there was some kerfuffle, but not too much and they got on well. But the newbies don't yet have the hang of going in to the Eglu at dusk, so I will have to train them.


Choccy, the bunnies have a lovely big duplex wooden hutch up outside the kitchen window, it has a run on the bottom. But they had this cheaper hutch and run on the lawn for going in when the weather was better. The new chooks have been in this. NOW, we have the 2nd hand Rablu, which I collected this morning, the new chooks are in that while they get integrated with the oldies. But the plan is to use the Rablu for the bunnies to be on the lawn, and if it goes well and they are happy in it. I may have them in there permanantly and sell the big wooden hutch, which is in lovely condition, but not half as stylish as a pink Rablu :wink:


I took some more photos of the newbies, and the existing chooks today, so will try to get the on my album soon and will post a link.

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