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Can you help - 15 mins of fame!?

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A journalist has contacted us with the following request. If you fit the description and would like to be involved (15 minutes of fame for you and your chickens!) please email johannes@omlet.co.uk or call Omlet and ask to speak to me (johannes)


Dear Omlet,


I know this is a strange request, but thought that, given the courses you do, you might be able to help.


I am a journalist, and am looking for three women - or couples - who are trying to live The Good Life (yes, like the Seventies TV show) - who have their own chickens, say, and grow their own veg, and are trying to be self-sustainable, for a feature. I wondered whether you knew of anyone who might suit.


Of the three couples, it would be good if I could find one couple who lived in a sustainable house, using green alternatives like eco water and electricity supplies, and who also grow veg, say, as well as try and generate their own bio-fuel; another who live in the suburbs yet grow their own veg and keeps chickens; and someone who lives right out in the country and is nearly completely self-sufficient.



The women need to be reasonably glam, between 24 and 42, and willing to be interviewed (preferably with their partner - or on their own if they are single) and photographed by the end of this year. Ideally, I would want to interview them by the end of next week, if they can (and photographed in the new year). I'd like the couples to have a good story to tell - so if someone gave up their City job to go and live in the country and become self-sufficient, that would be great. (I'm not really after old hippies, or farmers who've done it all their lives, or city dwellers with the odd windowbox and solar panel, but people who are really trying to live The Good Life.)



Many thanks for your help - and crossing fingers. If you can't think of anyone, would be enormously grateful if you could pass this email on to someone who might. I want to find really good people to interview, and it's not easy finding them from a flat in London.

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Well I probably woudn't fit the bill anyway, as most of my veg failed to grow this year or got eaten by slugs - but I'm TOO OLD! :evil: (and I'm not 'glam'!)


I thought ageism had been outlawed! :wink:


Come on, loads of you out there are in this age-bracket - someone must do this, I buy Marie-Claire regularly and I want to see an Eglu in there!

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We fit the criteria!! Apart from the good story to tell. And the "living the ethical life" bit. And the reasonably glam bit (and I've only just snuck in the age bracket thing too!!) Plus of course the garden's a bomb site, most of my veggies got eaten too. I did plant my placenta though and there's an apple tree growing on it, suppose that makes me an old hippie though so that rules me out too!! I bet Laura (fairy and cake) would fit - she could drop in the bit about her connections to HFW !! :lol::lol:


I hope whoever does it manages to get a big bit in about chooks and Omlet!!

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The mag was mentioned in the original journalist's blurb, & I mentioned it in a reply to Fred- I had a PM from Hanns saying he had edited my post as the journalist didn't want the magazine to be identified. Those who read the thread earlier will know- I will PM you if you like!

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