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Guest Poet

on the subject of Christmas gifts.....

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my sister and BF and me and DH are all buying each other the silliest egg cups we can find.


As my sister's OH is affiliated with the flight industry, I thought I might buy him one of those aeroplane shaped ones but then again, we did say silly eggs cups.



I've googled and e-bayed and just not found anything I like!


We need at least 2 egg cups and they have to cost no more than a tenner. The sillier the better but nothing too ugly. :oops:


Anyone fancy suggesting anything, posting links etc?


any help would be appreciated :)



would you believe, we don't have any egg cups in this house!? neither do they, which gave us the idea.



I'm having a chucky egg (or 2) in my new egg cup, with soldiers, on boxing day, really looking forward to it :lol:



p.s. i've seen all the egg cups in the omlet shop and they're really nice but any other suggestions?

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love shopping for egg cups


these ones are nice




these are great






these two are over budget but are great




and this one



these are good and i bought my feeder from them they were quick delivery


she did have some tall ones like these which were lovely


and this is just lovely, i might buy it myself( only joking OH will kill me!!)




and this


gosh i could go on for ever, there are loads on e-bay...

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i love eggs cups, but it is any excuse to go shopping :twisted::twisted:

we have some tractor ones which are fab, we also have minis, beetles and morris minors. the kids love them. car boot are great for egg cups. i do have to hide them from OH as he moans if i have bought more.

ohhhhh and we have the egg ones with feet like they sell in the omlet shop, they have really cute little spoons with them. we also have some boring normal ones but the kids will not eat boiled eggs if they are in a boring egg cup.

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I must not look at any more egg-cups.......

I must not look at any more egg-cups.......

I must not look at any more egg-cups.......


............I started looking on Ebay as soon as we had hens......... and bought loads :oops:


I hope there are some ideas here for you Poet, I wonder how many others will end up with loads of egg-cups now? :lol:

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by the way, thanks for all the replies, still haven't spotted just what I want yet :(


I might end up buying a VW Beetle and a plane from the omlet shop but still undecided :?

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