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Oliver Twist.

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Recorded it - will ask Mum over one night to watch it. Already need to have her over to watch "The Monarchy".


One day she will work out that she can watch my Sky Plus on her telly's if she puts the right channel on and uses a Sky Plus remote!

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I missed last night's :( - is it repeated anywhere before tonight's episode?


A long shot here Lesley. We can get the regional English BBC channels on Sky. They start at 972 - 992. BBC E Mids is 980 and BBC W Mids is 979.


Maybe you could get BBC Scotland if you flick through the channels :? and watch the Scottish version instead :lol:


I often watch the English channels if programmes like Jimmy's Farm has been replaced with something in Gaelic :roll:

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The background music really annoyed me, it was VERY invasive, with electric guitars at one point. I wish they'd just let us watch the drama without the disco in the background or use more appropriate music.

Cranford was brilliant for that, the music was there but it was more incidental and the style was befitting the period.

The acting in OT was good though.

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It is on for the next 4 nights I think, Gina


Thanks Eglunitne. I would have missed it then for sure as I would have tuned in same time next week.


Do you know, I never noticed the music Diane. Will have a listen out for it tonight.




Lesely, you didn't miss much at all. It was really just the begining of Olivers life in the orphanage with Mr Bumble and his nasties up to him running away and meeting Fagan and his gang of pick pockets.


Oliver was then taken in by a wealthy family after being wrongly accused of pick pocketing, and was fed and watered and dressed very smartly indeed.


The last scene, Bill sykes had kidnapped Oliver while he was running an erand for said wealthy family, and he locked Oliver up in some sort of cell - under the instruction of who we presume to be Oliver's real Father - who said he wanted Oliver dead.

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Timothy Spall is a good actor but his "acting" accent in this programme is appalling! it just makes me want to laugh!!


It is pretty bad isn't it. Doesn't sound very believable.


I only caught snippets of tonight's episode, had the girls in for pizza so we were chatting through most of it. I think I got the Father figure wrong though in the first episode.

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