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Ultimate Sacrifice

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Claret said:

Actually I'm all 'pied out'... I made a lemon drizzle cake for my course attendees this morning and they .. errrr... didn't quite manage to finish it off


We had a good go at it! I think we were all being rather polite, I should have had another slice as we didn't eat lunch til 3. It was delicious. And the most humongous mug of tea I've seen in my life!


A bit off topic but...Thanks Clare for a fabulous morning and fab hens, ES has instructed me to make some lemon drizzle cake tomorrow.


He has excellent taste in cake. (Gets it from his mum :oops: )

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:wink: You don't mind me having a little slice, do you?


What's the magic word? :lol::lol:


(and no, it's not 'NOW' as one of Rosei's friends said :roll: )


It wasn't Lauren was it?? :shock::oops::lol:


Dear me, no


It wasn't Lauren; it was someone from school, who I have asked Rosie not to ask round any more - I won't have rudeness like hers in my house :roll::twisted:

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