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how do I pronounce....

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why not ask for Hemcore as Emma says and then if they say "we dont stock that" write down Aubiose on a bit of paper and show them and say "do you have this instead then?!" :lol:


or just ask for hemp bedding? :D

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I used to think it was 'oh-bwa' ... thinking the name had something to do with wood (bois). It is indeed from France, but it's actually spelt 'AuBIOse', as I realised on closer inspection. It's named after l'Aube, where it's produced.


Technical pronunciation: 'oh-bee-ose' (as in 'au revoir', 'aupres de ma blonde', etc.) Do you reckon the feed merchant is a Frenchman?


I'd go for 'Aw-bee-ose' as that's what most people seem to call it!

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hopefully you will spot the bales on display and you can just point your finger and say "can I have a bale of that please" :D


:lol: Good idea. The bales are piled up right outside the farm shop. I'll just point at them!


I'll ask how they prounounce it and see if I can add more suggestions to the list!

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I love this thread.....


My point is, how many suppliers wonder what on earth that stuff they have right there on the drive, more expensive than hemcore, and rougher too, should be pronounced as???


Aubiose.... oh- bj ( as in bjorn) - ose (as in hose without the H)... is how i would describe it without my phonetic symbols.... (what's the point of them if they are not known to everyone anyway)


Sounds like something Shakespeare would argue about....

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