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Tiny, Tiny and Tiny *updated*

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How cute!


Dilly, I know what you're thinking! How can you hide an incubator and cheeping chickies from OH? :wink::lol:



She could hide the incubator but I think he would notice her obsessively going to whereever it is.



Dilly- I'll try and contact my mate this week

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Well Tiny, Tiny and Tiny have 14 siblings. Thats my lot (17). The rest of the eggs were duds apart from 3 sad losses.

Anyway here they are again



(oh and Dilly its looking positive. I'll get back to you when it arrives then I can say for definite)




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They are gorgeous - what dispatcher did you get after all.


RE question you posted on the C F which I can't find again now. I found a link on P P on how to dress chickens - a site which lots have recommended.




It's just the same for quail - but they are smaller.


Are you going to cull them yourself?




Don't know how that chicken popped up - and it won't let me edit that and the smilie out!


Edit, sorted Hon :wink: Claret

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Oh thank you Dilly

Dh is doing the culling though I would if I had to. Don't think I could bear another incident like the 3 legged chick one though :? We've got the normal handheld one but after it arrived dh pointed out he could have just used a pair of pliars :)

I just have to confidently sex them now my leg rings have arrived so I can just send him out to do all the ones with rings of a certain colour.

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