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Neal's Yard job interview

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HI folks, sorry I haven't been around for a while, just a mad life and I have to boot the boys off the computer now to be able to get on so :?


I'm going for an interview at Neal's Yard this morning 11am and have to do a half hour sample treatment :shock: If all goes well they will accept me to be able to practice from their treatment rooms in the Low cost clinic as I'm only recently qualified.

This will be such a boost if it happens but I haven't felt this nervous in years!!!!

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I got it



I have been accepted to work from the Neal's Yard Therapy rooms as a graduate Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist.


That's a posh way of saying that as a newly qualified therapist I can only work the Low Cost Clinic, which is Sunday afternoons, a little bit akward but it's only for about 18 months and then I'll be able to move up to full cost clinic times.. It's just the best start I could hope for, I am so chuffed with myself. So if anyone is going to be in the Leeds area on a Sunday feel free to book in :D


Thanks folks you are really great, I was so nervous this morning, you really helped me out.

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Fantastic news Trish, I'm so delighted for you :D:D:D


You've also given me a great idea, my little sister lives in Bradford, but goes to Leeds regularly and she's been going through a really tough time recently. I reckon a gift voucher for an aromatherapy massage would be a fabulous gift for her :idea: , especially since she celebrates her 40th birthday on Valentines Day. Do they do gift vouchers at Neals Yard? They must, I'll go hunt out a web site :wink:

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Thanks folks :D


I'm pretty sure Neal's Yard do vouchers. The Low cost clinic is only low cost because the therapists are new graduates, so it's really good value. I'm sure an Aromatherapy massage would be great for your sister if she fancies it, essential oils can have a very profound effect on the emotions. Hope things are easier for her soon.

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