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Has your flock expanded after 1 year  

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  1. 1. Has your flock expanded after 1 year

    • No - still have original number after 1 year
    • Yes - now have several more hens after 1 year
    • Yes - now have LOTS more hens after 1 year
    • Yes - had to upgrade house as well

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We started with two hens, and now, 18 months later, have three bantams instead. I'd quite like a couple more bantams, but then we'd need a walk-in run to replace the eglu (or maybe a cube), and our spare money is currently earmarked to knock the kitchen and hall into a bigger kitchen :)

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I still have my original 2 omlet girls - I would love just one or two more (let's be realistic - at least 2 more). I have found a local supplier who has them at P.O.L and a good range of purebreeds and hybrids. I am going to wait until easter though so at least I can be around a bit to introduce new ladies. The omlet netting arrived today though so they can have a good area of allotment penned off for chicken stuff so it is looking good.

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Started with 1 eglu and 3 girls

now have 1 cube 2 eglu's and 16 girls!


We hatched eggs last year and have eaten or frozen the cockerals (Sorry if that bothers anyone but they had a fantastic life) and I am trying to resist getting more eggs ready to hatch for Easter!

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