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I have just found out my husband is SPYING on my omlet chat!

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This is a bit of drivvle really BUT I am really angry as I have just found out that my hubby has been spying on my omlet chat when he is at work (he obviously hasn't got enough work on)

I posted a couple of days ago about my quest to add two beautiful buff orpingtons to my flock of six girlies.

My husband (whom somehow had remembered my user name and then looked for my postings - how sad and AMAZING that he has a memory)

looked up my postings and hey presto, he found out about the prospect of the increase in numbers.

I told him last night that our little darlings wouldn't have to be increased if it wasn't for the fact that he is flogging all our eggs to his work colleages and I am not getting a look in.

:twisted: ANYWAY - If you are reading this hubby - I am OFF to buy myself some very exspensive perfume which I have had my eye on for a while !

***Excuses to all innocent viewers for my letting off steam and rambleings.

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At least it wasn't your boss - mine has been asking about eglus - hope he does not discover this forum :shock:



My OH said to me the other night that he sometimes feels there are three of us in this relationship - I did not have the heart to tell him, 'No, actually its you, me and 3,317 others.....'

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My DH occasionally visits, but really this is MY world and you are MY friends. I don't mind him reading the harsh truth because I don't keep secrets, but I'm glad he doesn't visit too often.


It was especially annoying when he kept reading out threads that i was trying to read myself!! :lol::roll: He really needs to find a job!! :roll:

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Well I have just got my 6 little darling 'girlies' into their pen useing bribery of raisins and sunflower seeds. They seemed very cooperative today and they eyed me with a 'knowing look of support'.

I am off now to buy the perfume. For all of those you whom have a nose it is: Aqua di Palma/ 'Iris "Ooops, word censored!"le'

Oh Hell ! and Maybe lunch with champers as well! (hubby expect fishfingers and mash tonight - and that's if you are lucky) !

Bye !!

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I do try to be mindful of what I write- I write nothing that I would not want my children to read.


I think we are all fairly restrained in our postings bearing in mind that this is a family forum :) I don't want to get all serious here, in fact clucky1's post made me laugh when I first read it :) The fact is that some people turn to the NB to get advice on very personal problems, relationships, medical issues etc., whilst this is a bit risky as anybody can log on as a guest and read the postings, for a partner to do so in a sneaky way is just wrong, wrong :(



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I don't know why some people would think this is a big deal, I certainly wouldn't have any problems if my other half was spying on my conversations because I have nothing to hide!


You should be able to feel comfotable about being open, honest and talking to your loved ones about anything.


I don't talk about anything to anyone without feeling perfectly fine with my partner reading or finding out about it.


My partner is usually the first person I discuss thoughts, projects or anything with!


It's sad, but I trust no one and people in online forums get a very limited blurry glimpse into my little world because you just never know who's about!

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Welcome to the digital age... :lol:


You wouldn't have had these problems 20 years ago and it has been the cause of many a break up for some people...


The benefits of the internet far outweigh the drawbacks in my opinion.


But it gives members of the public and government agencies more opportunities to snoop undetected into perfectly law abiding peoples lives. :roll:

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