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Nicola H

Knitted sheep

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They're brilliant Nicola! Especially like the goggle eyes. Where was the pattern from?


I made the big fat sheep from the Shaun the Sheep mobile pattern in Simply Knitting last year. However it's legs looked rather spindly and it was later turned into a Christmas Decoration! Along with one of the snowmes for my lovely sister-Dave had great fun laughing!

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Thanks everyone................ :)


I think they are my best yet, i am not very good at the making up so the fluffy wool really helps you can't see the stitches at all.......


Liz the pattern is by Patons but i could only find it in kit form which was a real con. It cost £10 and all you got was the pattern, 50g of white fluffy wool, 50g of black Fab wool and some really naff needles. The pattern is really simple to follow just like the Alan Dart ones and they do look good when finished, I have managed to make 2 sheep with the wool supplied and got some more white wool in the sale at the Works so they haven't cost me too much to make.


Click her to see the kit

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