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The real dog thread.

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Oh dear, look at my shameful avatar! Its our whippet Bobbie (a girl with a boy's name), and is breaking all the rules - pedigree and wearing a ridiculous pink boa. On the plus side she is wearing it with irony. And she doesn't know she is a pedigree and certainly doesn't act like one - or a lady come to that. Favourite tricks include eating hen poo, rolling in fox poo and breaking wind when she gets on or off the sofa :vom:

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Here's my mutt, Delilah, English mastiff crossed with Dogue de Bordeaux (an accident between two pets, one of whom came into season JUST before she was due to be spayed - 12 puppies later.....)


I'm just a lickle pup...




Now I'm a BIG pup




Now I'm 8 months old...



She's 8 months old and I had her weighed about two weeks ago and she was exactly 8 stone.

Biggest, softest, stupidest, most uncoordinated slobbery dog in the world!

Smallest boy sits across her back, holds her collar and shouts "I am dog RIDER YEEEEHAR!!"



Mrs Bertie

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.... and anyone else who has a 'proper' dog.



My two EBTs are pedigree dogs and i dont think they would be too keen on not being called 'proper' dogs! :lol:

I have told them not to read the forum today so you should be ok! :wink::lol::lol:


... and Jazz is coming over to yours Em, so that they can all sulk together :lol:

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Oh goodie, licence to post pictures of my lovely dog ... a mutt AND a rescue dog :D (as requested, so it's not boasting :lol: ).


On Blencathra, in the Lakes:



With his new best friend (the sheep, not the biscuit!) in Wales last year:



In Shetland a couple of years ago:



Sorry, couldn't resist adding this one too :oops: (promise that's it :wink: ):


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I'd love another dog too Cathy, so I know how you feel. Our lurcher died 4 years ago now and I still miss her. Not helped by seeing a friends' Maremma puppies at the weekend - we had to hand feed them and they were like baby polar bears. As soon as I get some photos loaded, I will post them... brace your selves for the Ahhh Factor!

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