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Aunty e

Chicken Names

What are your chickens called?  

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  1. 1. What are your chickens called?

    • Penny
    • Dolly

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I noticed there are a few names that a few people seem to have, so I've put a poll at the top for a couple of them, and I'll add more as they become apparent.

Anyway, if you could post with the words

"My chickens are called" in it, then we can all see.


My chickens are called Maggie, Bonnie, Bob, Penny, Dolly and Purdy.

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My very first hen ever was called Penny. She was a broody from the farm behind us and came for me as an Easter present with 13 fertilised eggs when I was 8. So I was interested to see that Penny was one of the names in your poll.


Sybil and Pollo were sort of named by the family. The water feature in our garden (which I designed) is named Basil (after Basil Fawlty since it's tall and extremely wacky) so the hens had to fit in with the theme and were going to be Sybil and Polly, but the kids didn't like Polly so we settled on Pollo, which is the word for hen in several mediterranean languages.


Doris and Mabel were named after 2 of the servants who used to live in our Victorian house. The house isn't anywhere near as grand as that makes it sound - just a bog standard terrace, but it was normal for Victorian households, even fairly modest ones, to have one live-in servant girl, and I was able to find the names of them all in the annual lists of residents at our main library.

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Do they have designer stubble and a penchant for shades and pastel suits Annie :?8):D

Yep. and a yellow Lambourghini...well, alright, an Eglu which is the equivolent of a Lambourghini in the world of hen houses...oh, and Tubbs wears Espadrilles in the summer. If we are ever brave enough to get another hen she would be Izzyizzy.jpg


Now there's a cool dude! :shock::shock::lol:

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