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We have had a very sad day today and needed to share our sadness with people that would understand, ( I know she's was 'only a chicken' but she was my chicken!!!)


So poor Jasmine hasn't been a great success as a chicken, 8 eggs in 6 months isn't a great record is it! but she was very pretty and very cuddly so we forgave her lack of productivity. The last few days she hasn't looked very happy but she was still eating and drinking and nothing was obviously wrong so we didn't worry too much, she looked as if she was moulting a bit so we put the shrinking comb down to that and kept an eye that she wasn't bullied and hoped she'd improve


today the Chief assistant came back from morning chicken feeding to report that Hazel had knocked Jasmine over in the dash for the food and she'd had to lift her back to her feet!!. This sounded ominous and by the time we got down the garden she was laying in a heap looking very sorry for herself with the other girls gathered round her looking concerned (if it is possible for a chicken to do that! )


we picked her up and put her in a box and really it was obvious she wasn't going to last the day, we discussed taking her to the vets but doubted she was going to last the morning and sadly within the hour she was gone :( :


So RIP Jasmine,


here she is in better days :) Wasn't she pretty


thankfully the chief assistant having shed some tears seems to be OK with it all, saying wisely 'at least it wasn't the dog!'


Anyway sorry to return on such sad news but in a minute I am going to start a new thread explaining why we made the wrong decision when we bought an orange eglu!! I think it was Chookiehen who was a strong advocate of pink and I have to admit she was right!!

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thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts about lovely Jasmine, she is much missed, especially by Briar who definitely seemed to be looking for her earlier :(:( Briar also gave us a scare by being all hunched up this morning but she seemed fine later and frankly the weather is so horrible being hunched up in a corner appeals to me too!


So now we have the question of if and when to replace Jasmine, the CA is already planning but the 'national chicken shortage' is a bit of a blow :(:( think maybe we will wait until the spring but that was what we said last year when our lovely GSD died in october , within 3 weeks we had a 10 week old pup!! (and that was the best decision we ever made) at least hen wise we still have 7 so apart from Briar being a bit sad there is no great need to replace Jasmine just yet


thanks again for all your kind words, really helps to know other people understand , mind you even my mum, who is not given to sympathy was quite upset... and the CA apparently told her teacher she'd forgotten her homework because her chicken died!!! great opportunists kids aren't they :)



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