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Well, it was bound to happen one day...

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Woke up this morning with a dejected pile of feathers in the run. Korma, our Amber Star, died overnight. I think she died in the nexsting eglu, and the other girls would have pushed her out to get out as she was the duty draft excluder and was always in the doorway.


there is no sign of injury. Should I be concerned about disease and get tests done at the vet, or accept that a two year old chicken dying is not so unusual and have done with it?


She was laying up to yesterday and seemed well, although its hard to tell with chooks sometimes.


The children are distrught, as she was the cuddliest and their favourite. I am philosophical about it in as much as I know pets die, thats the nature of them.

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sorry to hear that Helen, sad day...


as for the cleaning - it's probably not necessary - but when my chickens have died - I have found it to be a therapeutic/cathartic process in itself..


be good to yourself - and when you're ready - put her pic in the pet memorial sticky - it's a nice way to remember them..


Every Blessing,



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Thank you. We had a ceremonial burial on Friday. :pray:


The children have bounced back, as children do. They are already scheming what kind of chicken to get to replace her! :shock: I think they are working on the 'furry one with long ears' option... :roll:


Fickle little beasties. :wink:

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