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i don't feel well

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Prescription is as follows:


Heating on, duvet must be taken downstairs - for snuggling up on sofa, Lemsip & throat sweets within arms reach, remotes & good books too. Lots of comfort food in fridge, you also need shares in Kleenex as you will use loads of tissues! :D:D:D


Hope you are feeling better soon :D

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and don't worry about work Christian!


I'm sat here with the laptop at work tonight and just had to come on the forum - so listening to all the planes going out and coming in as I type!


Not long for me now as I should be out of here by 11pm!




but I am also eating a lovely rice pudding from Sainsbury's!



Hope you feel better soon - or was it all a rouse to get home and sit by the fire - lucky you?!?

It's no fun though being poorly in the winter - just makes the season far more depressing.

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Hope you get well soon Christian............We could keep each other company I have had a cold and sore throat for the last couple of days and feel pretty rough and my OH is working in Cape Town and Johannesburg until Friday I wonder if they are working for the same company now that would be a coincidence................. :wink:

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Hi Christian


Hope you feel better soon. Snuggle down with a duvet and watch lots of daytime TV. This is what I am doing this week after 2 months of a cold and cough. I can also reccomend getting a small lapdog type dog to act as a living hot water bottle. Place under duvet with you, make sure he or she can breathe :wink: You will keep nice and warm and have somone to talk to :D


Chocolate is a great healer too :wink:

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Thank you all!


Have woken up and been sick this morning!!!! :vom:


I have sooo much too do and don't need this at the moment. Waiting for a call from my manager as a 'duty of care' :roll::roll::roll:


I raided the 'christmas chocolate for other people' last night :oops::oops: .


On the flip side, Shirley laid an enormous long, pink egg this morning. It wont fit in the box!!!! :lol: .


Sending out healing vibes to all sickies out there.


Christian x x x

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