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The Dogmother

Dance Boy, Dance

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Thanks for pointing that out Lesley, I am seriously thinking about getting the cat one she has taken to using a litter tray again and it is disgusting she always seems to use it when we have company due to arrive and as it is in the utility room near the front door that is the first thing that greats the guests and i hate using air freshners I will let you know how we get on..............You may need a bigger toilet for Jazz......... :lol:

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Not at all sure what this says about me, but.......... was anyone else struck with how clean and tidy that room was? 2 young men sharing a room, and not a dirty coffeee cup in sight, neatly made beds and not a speck on the carpet :shock: Oh, and the dancer's boots were positively gleaming 8)

I reckon they're either aliens snuck in on the last UFO landing from Mars....... or American military. No British or non-military young men would be quite that neat....... or would they :? Am I the only one with scruffy, untidy, horrible young people in my house :?:roll::oops::oops:

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