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I collected Angus yesterday and he has settled in remarkably well. After a few hours in one room, with us going in to keep him company, he came downstairs yesterday night and has today explored the whole house.


He is a lovely confident character, likes company, games and tickles - an absolute credit to his breeder. He's also still a whopper, weighing in at nearly 7lb, aged 15 weeks. His ears and paws are huge, so he still has a lot of growing to do.


Below, with absolutely NO PRESSURE from laurmurf :wink: are a couple of photos that I just took after he grabbed the comfiest cushion and crashed out on the sofa this afternoon.







I think he looks quite content!

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He is absolutely beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful. What a shame OH are off work on Mon and Tues :whistle: , I wonder if we will be passing Oulton on either of those days and just "happen" to accidentally drive past your door :whistle::lol: .


No added pressure, but I think we also need photos with Angus and you or your sons on, for scale you understand :wink: , then we can really see how he's grown.

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Well, apart from a couple of accidents on the kitchen floor (probably marking over where our previous elderly cat had accidents), he's a little angel. He plays with everyone but doesn't use claws at all, is totally laid back about being handled and groomed and is hysterically funny.


One oddity, he seems to absolutely adore anything yeasty.


My previous cats all loved Marmite, the last one was named after the stuff :D. This lad is something different though - he has gone bonkers twice when we've had crumpets to eat, we thought it was due to the cheese on top. However he has just gone beserk when OH opened a bottle of Leffe beer - trying to grab and lick the bottle. When OH put a tiny amount on one finger he licked and licked it, purring madly.


We'll need to be careful here or we'll end up with a cat with a drink problem :anxious: .


OH used to have a cat that went mad for slices of cucumber and I had one that liked cake - but never a feline beer monster :eh:

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