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Well - what did everyone get?

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I have seen some photos of the lovely chickeny things some of you were lucky enough to get for Christmas, but what about other non-chicken related things?


I got -


A pink Omlet pinny

A set of Nigella metal measuring spoons

A fantastic digital camers,in shimmery ice-pink :P

Lots of smellies from Lush

DKNY Red Delicious scent

CD's - Jamiroquai,James,James Morrison & a classical one



Aren't I a lucky girl :P:P:P

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Very nice prezzies, Sarah.


I love my digital camera - my favourite toy! I do like the sound of yours in pink! Lovely!!


I got some CDs and DVDs, a brand new jam pan (I've wanted a shiny new one for years!), an electric mincer and sausage stuffer, a webcam (eeek!) and some spending money which I have big plans for!

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i got LOADS of stuff but my fave was


chanel make up

playful pups fur real scamps the dog (but no batteries for it )


a kit cat clock

a red 4gb ipod


a calendar my boyfrien dmade for me

this AMAZING scarf from fat face that is liek plaited

and achanel mirror compact ughh im so happy ^__^

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I got something very odd :shock:


My Mother gave me an old plate with the Beatles on it with the instructions to try and sell it in the New Year to see what I can get for it :?


Any Beatles fans out there :lol:


How funny :lol:


I got clothes from OH, he is very good at buying clothes for me :shock::D I got a lovely necklace with a glass pendant from OH Aunt and Uncle. Not a chicken thing in sight :(

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Oh chickeny things, i got some of those too from 'count your chickens' :D


I got a table runner & cloth, 4 stained glass chickens that will be hung at the french doors in the kitchen & a picture from Helen Drewitt!!!

They were gorgeously wrapped in white tissue with silver stars & a feather in each package 8)


Im so lucky and have such a great OH :D:D:D

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I got an Omlet Fleece. Wee hee Pink is just so my colour. I also got a book titled "Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Illness"!! Yes I did ask for it :lol:


Hubby was very generous this year also getting me perfume, text books for my massage course, music, replacing all my guitar accesories that our eldest has borrowed and can't afford to replace. So I feel very spoilt. My brother in law bought us Raspberry Bacardi, don't know what he's trying to say. Last year he bought me a wine glass that holds a full bottles worth :shock: As if I could drink that much at once

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Last year he bought me a wine glass that holds a full bottles worth :shock: As if I could drink that much at once


Of course not Trish :lol::lol::wink:


We don't buy each other Christmas presents but usually we nominate something big we bought as 'this years present' :wink: So.... this year we had a farm :shock::lol:


We will also be booking ourselves onto a couple of smallholders courses at the local agricultural college - Lambing, in February, is the first one :?

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I didn't get any playmobil, but Dan did - the Noah's Ark, complete with chickens! So I had a lovely day assembling that and playing with it. I think he likes it ..... :roll:

I also got a leaf rake; a pasta maker (from the man who hates pasta!); the River Cottage Family Cookbook; and CDs of Bread, Santana and the Bay City Rollers. Guess what I was dancing too as I cooked Christmas dinner.... *sings 'Bye bye baby, baby bye byeeeeeeee.....*

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I got lots of nice things


Pam Ayres books and the best of Linda Smith.


Joe's brother got me a really nice new bluetooth mouse to make my surfing easier and Anita got me the new Jimmy's Farm book signed when we were there!


Joe got me some lovely things including some organic boxers lots of Lush cosmetics and cd's


Best bit about Christmas? Spending it with the ones I love and watching Molly open her presents!




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I'll give you a list, and pictures will follow after holiday!


Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall 2007 Diary- signed

HFW Meat Book

River Cottage Cook Book

River Cottage Year

Jimmy book - signed

Self Sufficiency for dreamers

4 Cookbooks

Feed the chicken - similar to the game hungry hippos

Chicken Puppet

Chicken Ornament

Ductor Who- A rubber duck dressed as Doctor Who

Hatching Egg- place in water and the egg cracks and a rubber duck grows

Pig Chocholates

Build your own birdhouse

Omlet Apron

Gardeners Diary!


I think that's all the chickeney related things! BTW I have a very very big family! :lol:


How could I forget.....


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I got

A large rubber chicken that you squeeze and an egg pops out (you know the one Lesley :roll: ) from the oldies and the newbie chooks

a small rubber chicken that you squeeze and a small egg pops out ( :roll: ) from the bantams

a chicken pen from Reepicheep and Jewel who, as ex batteries cant always lay eggs :roll:

Mum and Dad gave us six bottles of wine with chickens on the labels, some egg shaped tea light holder and two more mugs with chickens on, and a rubber chicken :roll: and a chciken pen :roll:

a good friend gave us a beautiful metal chicken and some stamps that come with an extra picture - of our Margot!

Cant imagine why we had so much chicken stuff :roll:

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Nothing chickeney for me this year.


I got new hair straighteners which get very hot :shock: and should tame my unruly hair :D A Jamie Oliver cookbook, jewelery, CDs, choccies and a bath spa thingy you stick on the side of the bath to make the water bubbly.


I would have liked Martin's presents :lol:


I ordered the Self Sufficiency for Dreamers book this morning :D

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