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Olympics versus Allotments :(

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This is something as an allotment holder which I feel quite strongly about and I hope that a lot of you with “green” fingers will do too. Basically they want to wipe out a whole site that has been allocated as allotments for the past century to build the Olympic stadium. I heard about the petition from another forum and it needs as many signatures as possible.



Do watch this short video about the site and the people who have plots there.



If you think these allotmenteers should be treated better please sign the petition at the link below




Many thanks LJ xx

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Thanks to all who have signed so far.


It's important for the Manor Gardens allotmenteers to know they have supporters all over the country. It may not make much difference in the long run, but peoples lives should not just be allowed to be trodden all over without some kind of protest.


Do watch the video and sign the petition if you haven't already :D

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An act of vandalism!


Londoners beware....Sheffield hosted the World Student Games about 15years ago.....and most ordinary Sheffielders wish we hadn't!


Yes, we have some superb facilities......but we are still paying massively for it because of the wildly innaccurate costings.


Guess who has to pay the difference?


The Olympics is massive comapared to the Student Games....so the inaccuracies will be proportionally massive. Factor into this equation the dishonesty etc which we all know goes on and the total costs will be unimaginable.


In any case...how can an "in perpetuity" bequest be overturned.


How can destoying a community for a flash in the pan event possibly be justified.


Two years after the Olympics I bet there will be areas of dereliction within the scheme.


The world's gone mad.

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Those allotments were given to the people by the land owner in 'perpetuity', which obviously has no sway with a compulsory purchase (steal) order.


I suppose that is the only reason they will eventually be found a new permanent site. But I don't think that anyone knows where it will be, could be MILES away :evil:

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I've signed. This is particularly sad for me as the allotments shown are very close to the allotment we had for years (we gave it up when we moved). It was a great place, and our allotment is probably suffering the same fate. That means our conference, concorde, and oulins gage trees will be bulldozed. :cry:


There was a real community there too: we were only allowed tiny 6x4ft sheds, and you weren't allowed to stay overnight, so it was a bit different to Manor Gardens. It was very multicultural though, which was brilliant. And everyone was really friendly and generous. One Greek Cypriot woman gave me the best peach I've ever had in my life, grown probably just half a mile from the allotments in that film.

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These allotments are just down the road from me. Everyone locally is very steamed up about this; most people I've spoken to here were really excited to get the Olympics - we could do with the regeneration - but don't want to get rid of one of the few green parts of this area of East london to do so. For a footpath!!!


There are many good suggestions from Manor Park allotments about how the London Development Agency could keep the allotments in the Olympic Village development as a showcase for the 'Green Olympics'. I just really hope someone at the LDA sees sense about this! Allotments are too scarce in Leyton and Hackney as it is.


There is an article in this month's Kitchen Garden mag about this as well.


Please sign the petition if you haven't already done so :)



Cookie. xx

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This was featured on a show a couple of nights ago called "Disappearing London", hosted by Suggs.

It is a very good show, & features all sorts of hidden gems in London, places that most of us have no idea are there.

Anyhow, they had at least half the show on these allotments & how they were going to be flattened, so I am sure that has helped the cause,even if they didn't mention the petition.

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