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I came off my horse yesterday whilst jumping :shock:

Aparently it was quite spectacular. :roll:

I came up to a jump Molly spooked and off I flew - head connected with the wing of the jump and knocked it over (luckily I didnt damage the jump :roll: )

I think I was concussed. I couldnt sit up for a while and was then REALLY wobbly - couldnt walk in a straight line - just like beeing tiddly, without the fun of the wine first. :wink:

I now have a stonking headache, neck ache, back ache, bruises and am generally feeling very sorry for myself :(

I now have to get a new riding hat as the impact with the wing seems to have damaged it - credit cards here I come!

Oh well, could have been worse (I could have damaged the jump) :wink:

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Hope you feel better soon - I mean a wine aversion - that is a serious injury :shock:


Yes - dont let it go on for too long Mel, and if it's gin as well as wine then get some serious help soon - you've had a big shock to the system and it needs to recover as quickly as possible :lol:


Hope you're ok soon.

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Sorry to hear about your fall Mel. I can quite sympathise :(


Glad to hear you have kept your sense of humour :wink: although losing the taste for alcohol does sound very worrying


Hope you have it back for Jimmy's farm as there are plenty of stalls offering tasters :wink:

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Ooh, Mel, sounds painful! Had one of those myself a few years back - horse threw me into the wing then proceeded over the jump alone :shock: I landed flat on my back, but across a surplus jump pole lying on the ground. Talk about winded! Remember being stiff as a board for a few days. Paracetamol and/or ibuprofen plus keeping mobile should see off the aches, but definitely see a doc if the headaches persist. Really hope you feel better soon! :(

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I still ache - my neck is really quite painful - but I have to go to Bristol on Monday to provide training on dangerous animals..........! but I will take it easy over the weekend.

Just need to go and cook oxtail stew and rhubarb crumble for my parents who are coming over tonight.

The cleaning can wait. After all they have known me for ** years and if they didnt know I was a dreadful house sl*t then more fool them :wink::lol:

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