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University Research Questionnaire

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  • Omlet Staff

Hi guys,


We have had an email from a postgraduate student who would be gratefull if you could fill in her online questionnaire here- http://www.asdk69.dsl.pipex.com/survey/'>http://www.asdk69.dsl.pipex.com/survey/ Anyhow, I will let her explain:


"Hello everybody. My name is Joanna and I am currently studying for an

MA in Contemporary Urban Renaissance. The essay I'm working on at the

moment has the (working) title of 'Two Chickens and a Vegetable Patch -

The Good Life in Urban Settings'.


I'm a big fan of the Eglu and hope to purchase one soon (still in the

process of persuading the other half!) so I signed up to be a guest on

this forum. After reading all your postings, I thought you'd be the

ideal people to answer my questionnaire. It's basically about keeping

chickens, vegetable patches, composting etc. and will only take a few

minutes to fill in.


The questionnaire is completely anonymous but there is the option of

filling in your e-mail address if you feel you wouldn't mind me

contacting you at a later stage.


The questionnaire is in two parts. Once you've filled in the first part

and clicked on the 'submit' button, you will be directed to a new page

and asked to fill in the last few questions in the second part of the



I really appreciate your time, and look forward to the results."


You can fill in the questionnaire here: http://www.asdk69.dsl.pipex.com/survey/





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