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To dye or not to dye.....

To dye or not to dye?  

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  1. 1. To dye or not to dye?

    • Fake it all the way
    • Grow old gracefully
    • Shave it off and start again

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I've not got any grey hairs. Mine are all white and look like question marks on top of my head. There are LOADS. I've got shoulder length hair and they are starting to take over but I've decided to grow old grecefully and not do anything about them as I've heard so many horror stories about adverse reactions to hair colourants and then you've also got to keep redying it as your roots appear. Sounds like torture to me :lol: .

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I think it depends on your natural colour. My hair is really dark and I colour it because I am not ready to be discarded from society as some old fogey with grey hair. The white hairs really show up. With lighter hair I think the grey hair blends in more easily and is less noticeable.


But one hair! Don't worry about it!

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You haven't got an option called 'grow old disgracefully' - which is what i intend to do :lol:


You took the words right out of my mouth,Lesley :lol:


My hair is streaked gold & red so I think any greys I may have are well disguised.

I did buy a fantastic 15x magnifying mirror a while back though & found a grey eybrow hair.I got the tweezers on that pronto :lol:

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DYE IT :D I am 31 with grey hairs :shock: I am not ready to grey yet, so I dye mine. I got my first grey hair after I had my eldest 8 years ago :shock: I am home alone so have had to take pic myself :roll::lol: OH loves the new colour :wink:




Could a mod please re-size me :shock: I look scary that size :lol:

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I think I would dye if it showed up. I know someone in their 20s who is completely grey, and someone in their 30s with dark brown hair who has it dyed at a hairdresser with a semi-permament dye. KIt looks like her natural colour. Apparently it coats the different hairs differently so you get a variation and tone and it looks more natural. Beware grey roots though :shock:

I'm just hoping I take after my Mum who is in her 60s and has naturally brown hair and no noticable grey. :?

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Paola, your hair looks fab :D


I used to dye my hair a lot as well and got to the stage where i forgot what my natural colour was. 8)


Now i have a grade one all over so i can't dye it without dying my scalp too. :lol:


I have dark hair and am not bothered about my grey hair at all, or my wrinkles or anything else that shows my age. I am what i am and if you don't like it, tough :wink:

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Paola - love your hair! I'm just not brave enough to do something like that!


I've pulled the offending hair out..... :oops::oops::oops::oops:


I think it must be down to the stresses of moving that's turning me grey! :lol:

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Dye it!!


I've found six grey hairs in the past three years (no, of course I'm not counting :liar: )

when it gets to the stage that I cant keep pulling them out then I'm definately going for the fake it option!


In April I'm going to have it "faked" straight as well - costing a fortune!!

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Go down fighting!........I haven't seen my own hair colour for over 10 years. It used to be dark auburn....I suspect that it might not be now.




I'm with Egluntine on this one. My hair (as Lesley and Carl know) is about as grey as Carl's :roll: I certainly don't feel, or act, my age. So I don't intend being grey.


Currently a sort of claret colour.

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I'm putting it down to the stresses of solicitors, hedges, chickens, boxes, mortgages and all the other things that are here to harrass me during the move!

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I have my hair coloured every six weeks, in fact it is probbaly 7 weeks since I last had it done :shock: Must phone the hairdresser.


My first grey hair arrived when I was 21 followed quite quickly by lots of others :twisted:


I am not ready to grow old gracefully :? I am not ready to grow old :D


I used to pull out the greys with a tweezer :roll:

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I've just found my first grey hair.......


What do you think? Dye it, or grow old gracefully?


Chooks! You're 10 years younger than me - what are you doing with grey hairs????


Shona is the same age as my daughter - and she has quite a few grey hairs now and colours hers . Carl's hair is white Clare - he had very dark hair when we first met - I've turned him white :shock: He started going white in his 20's the same as his mother did.

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