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Collecting my 6 girls tomorrow - pictures added!

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I can't believe after waiting for so long, the day is finally looming... Off to Wylye Valley Chickens tomorrow to collect 2 Pekins and one each Orpingtom, Araucanana, Wyandotte and Barnevelder/Plymouth Rock...can't wait, am soooooo excited!!!


Tina :-)

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I collected 6 new girls from Wylye Valley Chickens on Sunday - what a fantastic place. Have bought hens for a number of years now and been through various learning curves with the experience, I now know I would only ever go back here, worth a long journey for peace of mind. They are so well kept and looked after, rare breeds, all vaccinated, and very helpful and patient owner!

Ended up with 3 x Aracaunas and 3 x Fayoumis (which are amazing).

But I can't work the pictures thing so I can't post any!! Sorry...but they are beautiful and so healthy!

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Thanks for all your comments...after diving for a total of 250 miles - ooooooohhhhhh my, they are sooooooooo worth it! I am so pleased I decided to buy from Wylye, would definitely go there again and would recommend to anyone. Pictures to come later after I've sorted them out and uploaded some (think I've already taken over 50 pics!!)


Tina (a very happy chicken owner :-D )

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Pictures of my six beautiful girls:


Ginny, the buff Pekin: 76e9dcd9.jpg


Hermione, the buff laced Wyandotte: 2187892d.jpg35b4d31d.jpg


Sprinkle, the other buff Pekin: bc6c3959.jpg


*Name TBC*, the lavender Aruacana: bdc13db6.jpg4f10b7df.jpg


*Name TBC*, the Barnevelder: f89761c4.jpg21cd55fe.jpg


*Name TBC*, the buff Orpington: 3eb22b25.jpg9d8929ec.jpg


Ginny and Hermione taking themselves to bed!: 52c1042e.jpg


Araucana and Barnevelder having a chat!: 1318f18f.jpg


All the girls together: fdfe2482.jpg


Can't believe how many pictures I've taken already, this is probably less than 10% of them!


Happy times!

Tina :dance:

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