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Meet Bruce & Bob!

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It IS the law Annie. You're so right. Good job you knew that Emma and named one of your fishes Bob :wink: You'd have been visited by the Oranda fish police otherwise. :roll:



Oooops, I'd best turn myself in right now :oops::lol::lol::lol: . We've got Chelsea & Charlton the goldfish :roll::roll:


Bob & Bruce look great Emma, very characterful :D:D

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Bruce and Bob are GORGEOUS! My parents took opur tank when Splish and Splash went heavenwards down the loo, but now I'm halfthinking that the Balamory House could do with some big fat goldfish...

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erm.... :? maybe with the "harbingers of doom" postings from Martin and Claret, we should be running a sweepstake on how long they will live........ :(


:lol: I was thinking it was a bit :shock: too. Emma's only just got her two new pets after-all! I hope Bruce and Bob are nowhere near the computer screen.


(I'll add a pound to the pot and go for three months :wink: )

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